Overall School Rating: 4.5

  • Nightlife: 4.5
  • Housing: 4.5
  • Greek Life: 4
  • Diversity: 4.5
  • Off Campus Dining: 4
  • On Campus Dining: 4.5
  • Local Atmosphere: 4.5
  • Campus Facilities: 4
  • College Life: 4.5
  • Academics: 4
  • Safety & Security: 4.5
  • Athletics: 3
  • Job/Career Placement: 4.5

Reviews for Stephens College

Student at This School - Grad Year 2016

Detailed Ratings
  • Nightlife 4
  • Housing 4
  • Greek Life 4
  • Diversity 4
  • Off Campus Dining 4
  • On Campus Dining 4
  • Local Atmosphere 4
  • Campus Facilities 4
  • College Life 4
  • Academics 4
  • Safety & Security 4
  • Athletics 3
  • Job/Career Placement 4

Stephens College is a wonderful college for a lady who is looking for small size classes and a nice comfortable environment. I like most about the school is the that professors actually care about you and we have a wonderful student center here that has a great tutoring staff to help you on any subject or the major you are in. Everyone is so nice and helpful, all you have to do is just ask. A memorable experience moment for me was my first day here I was welcomed with so much joy and happiness, everyone was very helpful and willing to talk and try to make it as smooth as possible adjusting to being away from home and living on your own. Tips for future students apply for Stephens College it will change you in a good way, and you will not regret applying at all. Just have good grades and participate in many events you will sure fit in.


At Stephens the classes sizes are vey small, so you can really communicate with the instructor. There are numerous of degree programs from Fashion design, to Dance major, and Creative writing. There are over a hundred majors here. Professors are professional they have experience in what they are teaching, they have done it all and is willing to hep you succeed as well. The workload can get a bit crazy, but there is a great success center at Stephens and the staff there is willing to help.

College Life

Stephens College social atmosphere is amazing, it is such a diverse campuses and town period that you will find a crowd that fit your personality perfectly. There are several clubs, like student government, Warehouse Theater, dance club, and many more you can join. We also have sororities here that you can join along with other organizations that fit you the best. Stephens is one of the safest college campuses, we have a great security team here 24/7 who protects are students. We also have a wide range of athletic sports here, like basketball, volleyball. soccer, and softball. Weekend activities are filled with excitement, a night out downtown in the city of Columbia filled with restaurants, dance clubs, and bars. There is the Blue Note that have all sorts of concerts and the Missouri theater with plays and film premiers. So much you can do here in Columbia, it is built for college entertainment.

Detailed Ratings
  • Nightlife 5
  • Housing 5
  • Greek Life 4
  • Diversity 5
  • Off Campus Dining 4
  • On Campus Dining 5
  • Local Atmosphere 5
  • Campus Facilities 4
  • College Life 5
  • Academics 4
  • Safety & Security 5
  • Athletics 3
  • Job/Career Placement 5

This college is an all girls facility. However, it is just 2 miles from a major university and 2 miles the other direction is another college. While attending this college you can also take classes at the university or other college at no additional fee! All the staff as well as the students are extremely friendly and inviting. It is a small campus but everyone is known by their first name -- no numbers here! The President lives on campus and plans events at her home for the girls to attend and...she keeps chocolate in her office for the girls to come by and grab anytime they want! This campus is a pet friendly campus as well, allowing the girls to have a pet for a roommate, anything but spiders, snakes and a few breeds of dogs. This is a beautiful facility with a long history and any young girl heading to college should take a look at it in person.


All the professors at Stephens are very personable and students call them by their first name. They keep tabs on all the students so if anyone is falling behind they will either help them or get them the help they need. Class sizes are only about 15-20 for the majority of classes and as you go up into the upper levels they are even smaller. Once you get into any of the educational facilities you can get to the rest without going back outside, which is great in rainy or snowy weather!

College Life

Stephens is located in Columbia, Missouri which is definitely a college town. Just a few short blocks is the downtown area where everyone hangs out in the evenings and weekends. The college has two sororities and the number of clubs on campus is numerous. There are many different living options and some of the amenities are being able to have your pet live with you, free laundry and unlimited eating plan for all students. If the club/organization you are interested in is not on campus you can start one or if the University has that organization, you are welcome to join it there. Being a small college there are not as many athletic options as other colleges, but the programs are well run and welcoming to new students. All buildings are locked and only accessible with our passkey, campus security will meet you at your car and take you to your dorm, will come downtown and get you if you get separated from your group so that you don't have to walk back alone and will let you into any building on campus at any time of the day or night. This security team is here to truly make sure the girls are safe at all times!

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