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Find and compare the top career training, trade schools and vocational schools in your area, and learn more about which program is right for you.

What Is Career Training?

These 2-year career training schools, also sometimes called technical schools, vocational schools or trade schools allow students to earn an associates degree and learn specific skills necessary for a particular job. The career training provided by these schools can prepare students for a variety of different careers and industries.

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Time requirements for career training, trade schools or vocational schools

In most cases, you can complete your career training in two years or less if you take career education classes full-time. If you choose to study part-time, your degree could take three or four years, depending on your course load. In some cases, taking online courses will allow you to complete your degree in less than two years.

Is a career training, trade school, or vocational school right for you?

Career training is a popular choice for many students and statistics show that one-third of college students participate in career training programs. Career training school is a great option for students who know what they want to specialize in and want to start their career without having to study for too many years beforehand. Here are some of the reasons students choose to attend career training schools:

  • To save money.
    Because a career training program lasts only two years, you're likely to spend less money than you would at many four-year colleges and universities. Plus, when you graduate, you'll have specialized skills that can help you land a job in your field.
  • Specialized career education.
    While some programs may include general academic studies, your studies will focus on practical, hands-on training in the area of study you've chosen.
  • More convenient locations.
    Schools offering career training exist in many communities around this country and many schools offer extensive online courses that students can take for some or all of their courses.
  • Job placement.
    Career training schools typically have job placement services to help you find immediate employment after earning your associates degree.
  • Career advancement.
    Obtaining an associates degree and targeted career training can give you the edge you need to get a better job in your field.

What types of students attend career training, trade school, or vocational school?

Students choose career training for a number of reasons, so the types of students will vary by program and type of associate degree. Some are high school graduates with a clear idea of what trade they want to master. Others are professionals interested in specializing in a specific area within their field, re-entering the job force or seeking to enter a new career field.

Should you attend an online career training, trade school, or vocational school?

Distance learning programs give students increased flexibility to attend schools not located in their area and take classes on evenings and weekends. If you're a motivated, disciplined student who's comfortable working alone and interacting with teachers and students over the Internet, then getting an online degree could be a good option for you.

How do you narrow down the choices of career training, trade schools, or vocational schools?

Main factors you'll want to consider when choosing a career training school include location, the trade or skill you're interested in pursuing and whether you'd like to take online courses, in the classroom or both.

When considering a career school, you will also want to consider additional factors, including the school's academic reputation, cost of enrollment and accreditation. You may also want to find out from the school what job placement options they can provide, and any statistics on how well graduates are doing in their careers, specifically in the skills related to the one you're interesting in pursuing.

What programs can you find at a career training, vocational school or trade school?

Some career training schools offer one career training program, while others will provide training in several specializations. You may find programs in the following career fields:

In-demand career training, vocational school or trade school occupations

Programs offered at a career training school are often specific to the needs of the community where it is located. They cater to the technical, vocational and trade careers that have available openings in the community. Of the top in-demand and fastest growing careers in the US, many require only a certificate or associates degree that can be found at a career training, technical school, vocational school or trade school.

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