Top 10 Links Every Online Student Should Bookmark Right Now

Top 10 Links Every Online Student Should Bookmark Right Now

Helpful tools to increase your chances of success at your online degree program.

Do you want to earn high marks on your tests, learn better time management skills, find reference materials or get help with your homework? Remaining aware of the many online college resources available to you is one importance aspect to being a successful online student.

These websites are designed to help students who might not have learned proper studying skills, those who haven’t been to school in a while and need some refreshers, or people who are finding it difficult to transition into the online school structure. There are tips available for all levels of online degree programs including, online certificates, associate degree, bachelors degrees and masters degrees.

In addition to staying on the front line of online college news at Campus Explorer’s Top News in Education, get the most of your online education by preparing yourself with helpful study and test taking habits. We compiled a list of the best online resources for excelling in online college:

  1. How to Study in College is a five-part report, spanning over 300 pages and detailing essential tips on study habits and test-taking skills.
  2. Purdue Online Writing Lab is a comprehensive online proofreading and general writing resource filled with tips, strategies and guides on how to be the best writer. This is especially important for online students, as most of their assignments are due in the written form.
  3. Netiquette is the online version of the book by Virginia Shea. The book is chalk full of information on how to properly correspond with others through e-mail and other internet chat functions.
  4. Suggestions for Increasing Reading Speed is a resource compiled by Virginia Tech that provides information on how to improve your reading skills so that you can spend less time reading, and more time completing your online class assignments.
  5. Online research and information is contains a list of 107 useful Federal Government links for the online student with information and statistics that help conduct online research.
  6. Mathnerds provides math homework help, advice and tips to students. Their services are 100% free and they even provide an archive of all questions previously asked to help those who might have the same question.
  7. The free dictionary has both a dictionary and thesaurus as well as a medical, legal and financial dictionary. For those international or ESL students, it also has dictionaries translated in 13 other languages including Spanish, Chinese, German and Arabic.
  8. Virtual Training Suite is a website designed to improve your internet research skills with over 60 free online tutorials on various aspects of the subject. This is especially helpful for adult online students who might not have the most training on navigating the Internet.
  9. Finaid is a comprehensive resource of information related to financial aid. It explains each type of financial aid in detail, as well as featuring a handy “ask the aid advisor” section where real professional financial aid advisors volunteer their time to answer students’ questions.
  10. Encyclopedia Britannica is a well respected encyclopedia, which can now be navigated for free online. It also has other helpful resources such as the world atlas, interactive timeline of events, and a magazine browser that helps you find the articles most related to your search.

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