Dorm Packing Tips for Every Type of Student

Dorm Packing Tips for Every Type of Student

Whether you're a gamer or a sorority hopeful we have a college packing list for your special interests and hobbies.

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Every student will pack differently, so we’ve created packing lists that cater to the many different personalities and student types.

Moving into college is exciting -- and there’s a lot you’ll need to bring. Whether you’re an athlete, a gamer, or a fashionista, what to pack can be a tough question.

Every student will pack differently, so we’ve created packing lists that cater to the many different personalities and student types. Our lists are full of suggestions that won’t be found on the typical packing list; things that will make you feel at home and help you quickly adjust to college life.

The Artist:

  • Bring posters of your favorite works of art to liven things up.
  • Pack sidewalk chalk for drawing on your dorm room walls. It’s easy to remove with a damp sponge.
  • Pack bedding that's as expressive as you, like a neon comforter or a cool patterned duvet.
  • Don't forget your favorite art tools, such as sketchbooks or paintbrushes.
  • Bring a desk lamp to light up your workspace.
  • Removable hooks are perfect for hanging your artwork and other decorations.

The Athlete:

  • Dining hall food is often repetitive, so pack vitamins to get the nutrients you need.
  • Bring clothes that easily transition from the gym to the classroom.
  • A reusable water bottle is the perfect for staying hydrated.
  • Pack some ice packs and heat wraps to help ease post-game soreness.
  • A mini fridge will be a lifesaver for busy game weeks.

The Environmentalist:

  • Packing organic bedding and towels will ensure you're helping the Earth as you sleep and shower.
  • Bring a mattress pad made from recycled felt material instead of foam.
  • Pack a surge protector with an on/off switch to save electricity.
  • Bring dinnerware so you can eat in your room without worrying about wasting paper goods.
  • Grab a trashcan or two for recycling paper, cans, and plastic.

The Fashionista:

  • To maximize closet space, bring slim hangers.
  • Bring a pair each of: flats, heels (business and fun), comfy sneakers – You’ll have options for every outfit and occasion.
  • Buy baskets or boxes to store your clothes under your bed.
  • Corkboard and pushpins are perfect for hanging photos and fashion inspiration.
  • An ottoman that doubles as a storage bin is great for storing jackets and sweatshirts.

The Foodie:

  • Hit the grocery store for boxed and canned food you can make in the dorm.
  • Bring an easy fix for bland meals by packing a spice rack filled with seasonings you love.
  • Pack some “dorm food” cookbooks for cooking inspiration.
  • A fridge (and microwave if allowed) will make eating easy if you’re exhausted with campus food.
  • Don’t forget to toss a pot, pan, and wooden spoon into your packing pile.

The Gamer:

  • Make sure you’ve got the right adapter cords to hook your game system up to a TV.
  • Bring a TV and a desktop monitor so you can get two games going at once.
  • Pack up your extra controllers, and make sure to write your name on each one.
  • A good set of speakers will liven up your gaming sessions.
  • Headphones will allow you to keep playing long after your roommate goes to bed.

The Nerd:

  • Have a set of computer tools on hand to fix any technology disasters.
  • Noise canceling headphones can solve any noise crisis. They’re also great for walking to class.
  • A backpack with laptop protection will come in handy when carrying your laptop across campus.
  • Pack a file box to neatly store important school papers.
  • Stock up on sticky notes so you can mark important information without ruining your textbooks.

The Scholar:

  • Pack a dictionary and thesaurus and you’ll never be at a loss for words.
  • Headphones are essential for drowning out study distractions.
  • Bring your own printer for convenient, fast printing of assignments.
  • Index cards make it easy to create flash cards for quick studying.
  • Bring a big calendar to organize all your assignments, classes, and deadlines.
  • Save your eyes from poor lighting by packing a bright desk light.

The School Spirit Enthusiast:

  • Make sure to pack clothes that have your school’s name and colors.
  • Pick up some dorm decorations and bedding in school colors.
  • Bring a warm, cozy blanket so you can stay warm in the stands.
  • Face paint is great for tailgating or attending games.
  • Packing a lightweight cooler will make snacking at games easy.

The Sorority Hopeful:

  • Pack jeans, a business casual outfit, and a colorful cocktail dress -- everything you'll need for recruitment.
  • You’ll be required to wear all black for chapter. Make sure you pack a few black outfits.
  • A planner will help you balance social events with class.
  • Understated jewelry will allow your personality to stand out above all else during recruitment.
  • Being on time to recruitment events is important, so pack an alarm clock.

Quick Packing Tips:

  • Use clear plastic bins to transport your stuff in. These make it easy to see what’s inside each container.
  • Running out of space in your suitcases? Stuff socks and tights into your shoes to save space.
  • Don’t forget school supplies -- you’ll need a calculator, notebooks, pens, and pencils for college just like you needed them in high school.

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