In Demand Jobs and Careers for MBA Graduates

Find out what types of jobs are out there for people who graduate with an MBA.

If you’re considering business school, you may be wondering: What kind of job do people with an MBA actually get?

In short, if you’ve got a Master of Business Administration (MBA), you’re in a pretty good place, no matter how stressed or worried you may feel about the job market.

Talk to your professors. Ask for their advice as to what careers they believe would be right for you based on your strengths in the classroom.

On average, starting MBA salaries are much higher than those for undergrads with a business degree. And, most MBA grads expect a 25-35% increase in their current salary.

But what kind of jobs should you pursue?

Luckily, an MBA is a versatile degree. No matter what your area of concentration was, the core of your curriculum that includes finance, human resources and accounting comprises necessary components of any successful business. Keep this in mind and highlight this fact to employers during your job search.

MBA Career Fields

Two of the most common jobs MBA graduates pursue are financial analyst and accountant. Don’t think, however, that you’re limited to these fields. You’re likely to find individuals with an MBA in nearly any industry.

These are some of the most common:

  • Trader: A high-risk, high-reward career, traders buy and sell stocks, options and bonds. While it may not be as stable or secure as other jobs, there’s some satisfaction in trying to stay one step ahead of the curve with your forecasting. The starting salary varies greatly, but the average is $95,000
  • Consultant: Consultants are brought in to analyze corporations in order to increase efficiency and eliminate redundancies within the company’s structure and operations. Starting salary: $75,000
  • Financial planner: Do you enjoy working with and helping others? Financial planners work with individuals to properly manage their earnings, investments and taxes. Starting salary: $70,000
  • Marketing: If you’re interested in a more creative and outgoing work environment, many MBA graduates go into marketing as either marketing managers or marketing analysts. Your duties will include tracking trends, both in terms of sales numbers and consumer opinions. Starting salary: $108,000
  • Entrepreneur: Your education at business school has given you all the general knowledge necessary to start your own business. Although it can be extremely stressful with long hours, many MBA graduates relish the opportunity to be their own boss and create their own company.

In Demand MBA Jobs and Careers: Tips and Tactics

  • Talk to your professors. Ask for their advice as to what careers they believe would be right for you based on your strengths in the classroom.
  • MBA internships between your first and second year allow you to get a glimpse of a professional work environment in whatever industry you pursue. If you don’t enjoy the work you’re doing, begin looking for other options.
  • The top five employers of MBA students include Google, McKinsey & Co., Bain & Co., Goldman Sachs and Apple.

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