8 Most Popular Colleges in North Carolina

8 Most Popular Colleges in North Carolina

New buildings, great research programs and field work at local busineses are available in North Carolina colleges.

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The North Carolina community college system includes 58 different schools.

North Carolina is teeming with colleges and universities. Many of the schools in both its public and private education systems are known for their historic firsts. With colleges such as Salem College, the first school for Southern women, and Laurel University, the oldest undergraduate theological school in the country, it’s no surprise that North Carolina is dedicated to education.

Here are the most popular colleges in North Carolina. If cost is a concern, you’ll also find the annual tuition rates listed below.

8.North Carolina A & T State University

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 8,795

Cost: $5,058 for residents, $15,657 for out-of-state students

Best Programs: Business and marketing are the largest and most popular majors. Both programs have unique learning labs, such as the Financial Trading Room, dedicated to hands-on and experimental learning. Majors take their classes in one of the newest buildings on campus.

Fun Fact: The Greensboro Four, who staged the famous Woolworth’s sit-in in 1960 were North Carolina A&T students.

7.Duke University

Type of College: Private University

Enrollment: 14,591

Cost: $43,623

Best Program: Duke’s economics department tops all others in terms of popularity. Majors can earn either a BA or BS in economics, or choose to concentrate in finance. With over 700 students in the program, there are countless opportunities for group research and field work with local businesses.

Fun Fact: Hashim bin Al Hussein, Prince of Jordan, is a Duke alum.

6.Appalachian State University

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 17,589

Cost: $6,288 for residents, $18,336 for out-of-state students

Best Programs: Both business and education are popular programs at Appalachian State. Nearly 40 percent of the student body is enrolled in these departments, and the two overlap quite a bit. Students can even choose to major in business education – combining the best the university has to offer.

Fun Fact: Undergraduate students are encouraged to conduct research with faculty members – so much so that every year the university hosts a Celebration of Student Research and Creative Endeavors.

5. Wake Technical Community College

Type of College: Community College

Enrollment: 19,308

Cost: $1,682 for residents, $4,136 for out-of-state students

Best Program: Designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college, the liberal arts program is the strongest at Wake Tech. The college works closely with the University of North Carolina system to ensure that liberal arts majors meet all the necessary general education requirements.

Fun Fact: Wake Tech operates a fine dining restaurant on campus, run by its culinary technology and hotel/restaurant management students.

4. University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 25,277

Cost: $5,440 for residents, $17,200 for out-of-state students

Best Program: Marketing tops the list of popular majors as the largest program on campus. The curriculum educates students on business management and operations, and gives them an overview of what being an entrepreneur requires.

Fun Fact: The UNC Charlotte campus hosts the N.C. Motosports and Automotive Research Center, which works with professional racing teams to study automotive engineering.

3. East Carolina University

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 27,386

Cost: $3,758 for residents, $17,572 for out-of-state residents

Best Program: The College of Business, though not the largest college at ECU, is one of the strongest programs. Majors learn the ins and outs of both for-and non-profit businesses, as well as theoretical business concepts. The program includes a Center for Economic Education, where students can work with high school students in the community.

Fun Fact: The ECU communication sciences and disorders department created the SpeechEasy, an in-ear device that helps minimize stuttering.

2. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 29,278

Cost: $7,694 for residents, $28,446 for out-of-state

Best Program: Sociology is both one of the most popular and strongest departments at the university. The program features a flexible curriculum with room for electives. Majors are encouraged to take courses in other disciplines in order to round out their education.

Fun Fact: UNC Chapel Hill was the first public university in the U.S.

1. North Carolina State University at Raleigh

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 34,767

Cost: $5,748 for residents, $18,912 for out-of-state students

Best Program: The biological and agricultural engineering program is nationally ranked in the top ten. Students combine field and lab research with technical engineering knowledge. Within the department, the water and environmental systems management major is one of the best internationally.

Fun Fact: NC State is considered one of the top five “best value” universities in the U.S.

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