10 Best Colleges for Dating

10 Best Colleges for Dating

Check out which schools offer the best chance of finding love with fun ways to socialize.


Looking to find someone special during your college years? Whether you want something casual or you’re looking for a life partner, the college you choose could affect your love life.

Find out more about what makes certain colleges better for dating along with our list of date-friendly schools.

What’s the Criteria?

So how do you know if a college is good for dating or not? Here are just a few of the factors to consider:

  • Academics: Schools which have a great academic track record may be the kind that produce more “dateable” singles. This is because these students are taking their work seriously, have direction in life and are motivated to find success.
  • Campus location: A campus located in a tiny town or rural area may be seriously lacking in great date-night activities.
  • Social activity on campus: Does your college have a lot of student groups or school events? Having a lively social atmosphere on campus gives you more opportunities to meet other students with similar interests or values.
  • Student attractiveness: Some schools are ranked higher than other when it comes to the attractiveness of their student body. Going to school with lots of good-looking people doesn’t hurt when it comes to dating.

5 Best Colleges for Casual Dating

If you’re more interested in focusing on classes, friends and fun in college, then a serious relationship probably isn’t for you. However, that doesn’t mean you have to write off dating altogether. The following are five of the best colleges for casual dating:

1. University of Mississippi: This college has a lot going for it when it comes to casual dating: a fun college town with plenty of date night options, an attractive student body, and a huge number of students involved in Greek life.

2. University of Georgia: UGA has a good academic reputation, but students are just as interested in school as in parties and football games. With so much activity on campus, students have a lot of opportunities to meet students who are looking to have fun.

3. Arizona State University: Known as one of the most notorious party schools, ASU is perfect for students who want to date but have a bit of a wild streak. Plan to meet potential beaus at a kegger or a bar.

4. Michigan State University: At Michigan State, you’ll find a thriving college town and over 35,000 undergrads, most of whom like to let loose and have fun at athletic events and parties.

5. Texas Tech University: This school is known for huge parties, a thriving Greek culture, popular sports teams and good-looking students.

5 Best Colleges for Serious Dating

Maybe you’re not into hooking up at parties and going through countless breakups. That’s fine, too. We’ve gathered up 5 of the best schools for serious dating for you monogamists:

1. Williams College: Some have claimed that half of all Williams graduates marry another alum, so students here are obviously serious about finding love.

2. Harvard University: Students are focused on academics here, but when they do look for love it’s with someone who shares their values and life goals.

3. Princeton University: This school is full of smart students, many of whom are just as serious about finding a mate as they are about finding a great job. Plus, it has a beautiful campus that inspires romance.

4. University of Notre Dame: Again, smart students often make for no-nonsense daters. Plus, there’s less of an emphasis on party hook-ups thanks to a complete lack of Greek life.

5. Carleton College: This small college in Minnesota makes the list largely due to its student body. Half of Carleton’s students come from the upper Midwest, so they often have traditional values when it comes to marriage and family.

Quick Facts

  • About 18 percent of undergraduate students are married.
  • Religiously affiliated colleges tend to have more serious daters than casual daters.

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