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The deadline for changing your score report recipients and cancellation requests is in mid-June.

Make sure you take all of your AP tests before summer and send your scores to your college.

This isn’t the first time you’ve heard grumblings about AP tests, but it will be your last.

If you took AP classes your junior year, you know how AP tests work. Not only does AP testing look good on your college admissions, it also helps you place out of classes in college. Good scores on AP tests, whether you took the corresponding courses or not, can earn you college credit.

When are the AP exams?

AP tests are given only once a year and cost $87 for each test. Make sure you don’t miss your test date, they aren’t coming around again any time soon.

Exam dates: May 5-9 and May 12-16, 2014

Late-testing dates: May 21-253, 2014

AP scores released: Early-Mid July

When you’ve completed your AP tests, make sure you report all your test scores to your new college. The deadline to change who gets a score report is June 15th. Once your college receives your AP scores, they will work with you to place you in classes that fit your academic profile.

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