5 Most Popular Colleges for Computer and Information Technology Majors

Find out which schools attract the most students interested in computers and information technology.

By Ashley Henshaw | January 15, 2016

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Students with a degree in computer and information technology are some of the most sought-after in the modern workplace. Find out which schools have the most popular computer and information technology programs – and how much they cost.

5. Rochester Institute of Technology: $33,258

At Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), the Computer and Information Sciences program offers a BS in Information Technology with two required concentration areas – there are eight options, including web site development, medical informatics and mobile application development. One of RIT’s perks is that students get three quarters of co-op education, which provides them with valuable real-world experience.

Many of the positions available to graduates with a B.S. in computer and information technology pay over $70,000 per year.

4. Kaplan University: $12,272

Kaplan University offers two BS degrees in information technology. The first has a concentration in applied technology, while the second focuses on information systems. This college is popular for computer and information technology majors due to the fact that it has a clear focus on getting students a job after graduation. Kaplan also offers extensive online courses and has campuses all over the U.S. in cities like St. Louis, Omaha and Indianapolis.

3. American InterContinental University: $13,050

With campuses in several major cities and an online degree program, this school has lots of attractive options for computer and information technology majors. American InterContinental University (AIU) has a Bachelor of Information Technology program that offers four specialization options: information assurance and security; software analysis and development; network administration; and digital investigations.

2. Colorado Technical University: $10,655

Colorado Technical University (CTU) has become a popular choice among computer and information technology majors thanks to its affordable tuition rate. It also offers interesting concentration areas for those getting a BS in Information Technology, such as security, web development, data management and network management. CTU also offers online courses and has additional campuses in Missouri and South Dakota.

1. University of Phoenix: Cost Varies

The University of Phoenix offers a very popular online bachelor’s degree in information technology. The convenience of the online program and campuses in almost every state makes it a great choice for working professionals. In addition, this school offers several concentration options for information technology majors, including web development, software engineering, business systems analysis, information systems security and multimedia and visual communication.

Quick Facts

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many of the positions available to graduates with a B.S. in computer and information technology pay over $70,000 per year.

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