5 Most Popular Colleges for Social Work Majors

Pursue a degree in social work at one of these popular schools.

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The choice to go into social work is a big one. A degree in social work is a service-oriented degree, like nursing, and usually requires an intense amount of fieldwork. Your training in social work can prepare you for a variety of jobs.

Additionally, social work isn't like political science or English where almost every school offers it. Some colleges have entire schools dedicated to social work and others have a very popular major within another school.

5. Adelphi University: $28,460 each year

Adelphi has four locations in New York. Having access to multiple campuses gives students a great amount of flexibility.

  • Location: Garden City, NY
  • Enrollment: about 4,500 undergrads
  • Why this program? Adelphi provides a rich liberal arts education as well as some practical skills training in social work. They believe the people in their program are colleagues and professionals, not just students.

4. Hood College: $31,840 each year

Hood College is close to both Washington DC and Baltimore. The school's close proximity to these urban areas could offer rich opportunities both professionally and personally.

  • Location: Frederick, MD
  • Enrollment: 1,487 undergraduates
  • Why this program? Students are required to complete a field practicum, which often leads straight to an employment offer for after graduation.

==3. Sacred Heart University: $16,890 per semester==

Sacred Heart is a large Catholic university in New England. Many students live on campus but Sacred Heart also has a large population of commuters. Campus life accommodates both the students who live on campus and those who are just there during the day. Their location in the suburbs offers field experience for social work majors that might be different than what they would receive in a city.

  • Location: Fairfield, CT
  • Enrollment: about 4,000 undergraduates
  • Why this program? Eligible students can apply to the master's program in social work and complete that program in one year. Their undergraduate program in social work focuses heavily on research methods and the quantitative reasoning skills that are involved in the social work field.

2. Temple University: $13,006 (resident), $22,832 (non-resident) each year

Temple is a very large state school with a strong program in social work. If you live in the Philadelphia area, the huge alumni network Temple has in that area may help you find work after graduation.

  • Location: Philadelphia, PA
  • Enrollment: 27,702 undergraduates
  • Why this program? Temple's School of Social Work has an exchange program with Erfurt University in Germany and offers a Capital Semester program, which allows students to intern in the state capital. Students are also encouraged to choose a minor program, like criminal justice, sociology, psychology, or Spanish to compliment the social work program.

1. New York University's Silver School of Social Work: $41,614 each year

Located in the heart of New York City, NYU offers an excellent education and a vibrant campus life. They also have an entire school dedicated to social work.

  • Location: New York, NY
  • Enrollment: 140 undergraduates in the school of social work
  • Why this program? Students in NYU's program have to clock in 600 hours of onsite field learning in local agencies. They also have the opportunity to get a Master's in Social Work with just one more year of school.

Quick Tips

  • Based off of what we see on television, it's easy to think that social workers only work with kids in the foster system. But social work majors also work in hospitals, drug/alcohol rehabilitation centers, non-profit organizations, camps, policy organizations, government organizations and nursing homes.

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