In Demand Jobs in Health and Medical Services

In Demand Jobs in Health and Medical Services

Find out how to start your career in this growing field.

A career in health care and other medical services is always in demand, even in a tough economy. There is a broad range of careers in this field, from helping people directly to working in a lab to administrative careers.

If you’re interested in helping people, the health and medical services field provides you with many types of opportunities to do so. Read more about popular careers in this field and the Health & Medical Services majors you should pursue to help determine which type of degree program is best for you, such as an associates degree, bachelors degree or masters degree.

By narrowing down the specific field you want to pursue, you’ll be able to find the right education field or career options and take your next step. Here are popular careers in health and medical services field:


Depending on your educational background and interests, students of nursing can become licensed practical nurses, licensed vocational nurses or registered nurses as well as enter the field of nursing administration. This training opens you up to careers at hospitals, nursing care facilities and in the home health area. The career path you choose, job setting and the state you practice in will all determine what type of degree and license you need to enter this field. Learn more about Other Nursing.

Popular Nursing Majors:

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are essential in hospitals, private medical practices, rehab centers and other healthcare facilities. In this field, you can assist doctors and nurses, administration or patients directly. The type of position you choose will determine what type of degree program you need to complete. Coursework can be taken in colleges as well as online schools; both may offer online degrees in this field. Learn more about becoming a Medical Assistant Professions.

Popular Medical Assistant Majors:

Medical Insurance Biller

Managing the billing processes for medical insurance is essential for making sure medical professionals, insurance companies and individuals are paid for their medical expenses. An associates degree is usually sufficient for an entry-level position, while a management position will generally require a bachelors degree. Completing a masters degree allows you to advance even higher in this field. Learn more about becoming a Medical Insurance/Biller.

Popular Healthcare Administration Majors:

General Health and Medical Services

There are a number of career opportunities in this broad, evolving field. Pursuing a degree from a college that specializes in general health and medical services allows you options about your major and the type of career you pursue. Whether you’re interested in becoming a healthcare practitioner or embarking on a career in healthcare administration, this field offers you opportunities for advancement and a number of stable, well-paying careers. Learn more about Health & Medical Services.

Popular Health & Medical Services Majors:

Healthcare Administration

Interested in the business side of the healthcare industry? A career in healthcare administration means you can manage personnel and create a positive and functional work environment. The type of major and degree program you need to enter this field depends on the career and the school you attend. Students can complete degree programs or online degrees at online schools or traditional 4-year colleges and universities. Learn more about Healthcare Administration.

Popular Healthcare Administration Majors:

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