Help! My College Application Was Lost

Help! My College Application Was Lost

Find out what to do when your college application form gets lost in the shuffle.

You filled out the forms, collected your recommendations, wrote your essays and finally, at long last, sent in your college application before the deadline. Yet somehow, someway, your college application got lost. So what do you now?

Ways Your College Application Can Get Lost

While you may think that the college application process is foolproof, the truth is that the process has its pitfalls like any process that has more than one party involved.

The college admissions process relies on electronic processing, mail delivery, and human processing in the admissions office – all of which can have their flaws.

What to Do if Your College Application Gets Lost

If you sent in your application via the Common Application System, you may have noticed “your response may be cut off” warnings on various sections of the form. (If you haven’t seen them, don’t worry. They have just been recently added, so you may have missed them.)

The good news is that most colleges know about the imperfect Common Application System. If you want to check if your online college application responses were cut off and lost, use the "Preview" feature in the system. If your responses were cut off, email the college admissions office directly to inform them of the problem and to let them know that you can provide any missing information.

In The Mail:
If you sent your college application and materials in the mail and have not received confirmation of receipt, you should contact the admissions office and ask them how to proceed. You may need to resend part, or all, of your application. Be sure to keep copies of everything you send to the admissions office, just in case part of your application gets lost.

In The Admissions Office:
If the admissions office lost part or all of your college application, in all likelihood, they will contact you. You will need to respond promptly to find out which parts were lost and which parts you need to resubmit. The process can be frustrating, but admissions officers don't look at the application until all parts are received.

How to Avoid Lost College Applications

To avoid lost college applications, be sure to track confirmation that the college admissions office has received your package by the application deadline. You can choose to use a courier service or get track and confirm products from the postal service. Always keep copies of everything you send so that if you need to resend information, it is easy to find.

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