Top 25 Fastest Growing Industries

Top 25 Fastest Growing Industries

Discover what majors will secure you a job in America's top growing industries.

The total job growth in America is expected to increase by 15.3 million, or 10.1 percent in the next 10 years.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the majority of in-demand careers between 2008 and 2018 -- where a post secondary degree is required -- are expected to account for one-third of the total job availability. The fastest growing careers and industries are concentrated in several fields, including technical consulting; scientific; computer systems design; management and healthcare are expected to provide 2.1 million jobs by 2018.

The total job growth in America is expected to increase by 15.3 million, or 10.1 percent in the next 10 years. However, job openings due to retired workers or workers who leave their company are expected to exceed twice the amount of job openings due to economic growth. There are expected to be greater job openings in the service-providing industries rather than the goods-producing industries as has been the case in the past.

Although there are many jobs available that only require on-the-job training or a certificate, most of the fastest growing careers require an associate's degree or higher.

Fastest Growing Industries:

  1. Management, scientific, and technical consulting services – 83% growth
  2. Services for the elderly and persons with disabilities– 74% growth
  3. Offices of physical, occupational and speech therapists and audiologists – 56% growth
  4. Data processing, hosting, and related services – 53% growth
  5. Home health care services – 46% growth
  6. Specialized design services – 46% growth
  7. Computer systems design and related services – 45% growth
  8. Offices of mental health practitioners (except physicians) – 45% growth
  9. Other general merchandise stores – 41%
  10. Medical and diagnostic laboratories – 40%
  11. Offices of all other health practitioners – 37%
  12. Veterinary services – 35%
  13. Lessors of nonfinancial intangible assets (except copyrighted works) – 34%
  14. Waste treatment and disposal – 34%
  15. Offices of physicians – 34%
  16. Personal care services – 32%
  17. Facilities support services – 31%
  18. Other information services – 31%
  19. Offices of chiropractors – 31%
  20. Software publishers – 30%
  21. Support activities for road transportation – 30%
  22. Support activities for air transportation – 30%
  23. Plumbing, heating and air-conditioning contractors – 29%
  24. Independent artists, writers and performers – 29%
  25. Offices of dentists – 29%

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