College Towns: Morgantown, West Virginia

Learn more about Morgantown, West Virginia -- Home of West Virginia University.

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The Town: Morgantown, West Virginia

Situated just north of the Dorsey Knob mountain summit, Morgantown is a smaller community of 29,600. Famous for the electrically powered mini buses that run throughout the city, Morgantown boasts the only personal rapid transit system of its kind that is used commercially. As one of the central states on the East Coast, the area enjoys four distinct seasons without getting as cold as Northern states or as hot as the South.

The School: West Virginia University

West Virginia University is divided into three separate campuses.

Each weekend, the school hosts free and safe activities in order to provide students with an alternative to the heavy partying found on other campuses.

  • The main campus is the oldest of the three and was founded in the Monongahela River valley.
  • The Evansdale campus was built several miles away from the main campus due to limited space.
  • The health sciences campus is located adjacent to the Evansdale campus, by the football stadium.

Transportation between all three campuses is easy thanks to the personal rapid transit system.

As the premier university in the state, several majors and departments have garnered national acclaim and attention. Working with the FBI to create a curriculum that is as accurate as possible, the forensics and investigative science department uses model “crime scene” houses and vehicles in order to properly train students in what is regarded by many to be the best program of its kind.

One of the best benefits available to all students is that each residence hall has its own peer tutors, making it easy for you to seek out assistance whenever necessary.

What To Do

Each year, the first day of school is ushered in with Fallfest. Held at Mountainclair Student Union after classes have ended, more than 15,000 students gather for entertainment and live music that has included the likes of Kanye West, the Black Eyed Peas and Cypress Hill.

Generally regarded as one of the safest campuses in America, this is due in large part to the “Up All Night” program. Each weekend, the school hosts free and safe activities in order to provide students with an alternative to the heavy partying found on other campuses. Activities include bowling, movies and casino nights, all of which are highlighted by free food.

A member of the Big East Conference, the past decade has been one of the most successful for WVU athletics. The men’s basketball team went to the Final Four in 2010, while the football team made two BCS bowls in the past decade. If you go to a game, make sure you stay afterwards to watch the crowd sing John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

Where to Eat and Drink

Using only natural, locally grown products, Black Bear Burritos serves up giant portions with an ever- changing menu of Mexican cuisine. Don’t worry if you can’t find something that appeals to you on the menu. You can always build your own nachos or burritos.

Did You Know?

Half of the population of the United States can be found within a 500-mile radius of Morgantown.

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