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Get ready for a new world of student organizations, on-campus living and college life by considering your options.

We’ve talked about college housing and course scheduling and classes, but that’s only half the college story. College life has much more to offer, everything from student organizations and activities, to sports, dating and socializing.

In other words, the fun stuff.

Let’s take a look at what you should be prepared for when you step on campus.

College Sports and Recreation

College and sports go hand-in-hand, not only for the athletes but also for the spectators. No matter which conference or division your college plays in, sports will be a center spectacle on campus.

As a spectator, you might be interested in football or volleyball, or maybe lesser known sports like tennis or wrestling. Whichever your sport of choice, you’ll want to get involved in some capacity. Whether you’re in the parking lot before the football games tailgating, or screaming at cross-country runners as the pass by, college sports can give you a sense of school spirit and introduce you to all different sorts of students.

Playing sports is even better, and there’s always a way to play on campus. Club sports and intramurals give students of all abilities a way to get involved. And if you aren’t that interested in organized sports, there are always excellent schools for outdoor and alternative sports like surfing, skiing, and skateboarding.

Find out more about College Sports and Outdoor Recreation.

Student Organizations and Activities

If sports aren’t your thing, student organizations and activities can be an alternative way to meet other freshman and get involved on campus. As a high schooler, you were probably involved with a couple clubs, but college opens up a whole new world of diverse organizations – everything from politics and environmental groups to dance and comedy. There’s something for every type of student.

Greek life, including sororities and fraternities, is also a huge part of some colleges’ student activities. While some colleges don’t allow freshmen to take part in the Greek system, many others want students to jump right in as soon as they arrive on campus.

Explore everything about student organizations, including how to start your own, with our Student Organizations and Activities listings.

College Dating and Social Life

And of course, you’ll want a social life in college. Luckily for you, this is something college students excel at. Colleges have festivals, socials, dances, parties, concerts, and everything else a young man or woman might want.

And those are just the things that happen ON campus. Off campus, students can take part in college town dining, bar life, and museums, alone or with a special someone.

Learn everything you want to know about dating and nightlife with our Guide to College Dating and Social Life.

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