To find a volunteering position you’ll stick with, ask your parents, teachers and neighborhood organizations for advice.

Explore volunteering options that are good for you and good for the world.

While it’s a universally accepted fact that volunteering helps your community, what’s often overlooked is the secondary fact: volunteering also helps the volunteer.

Not only does it give you knowledge that you’re doing the right thing for your community, but volunteering also can help you get into college. College admissions boards are always looking for selfless students who can show leadership qualities in unique situations. To them, it’s much more interesting to see a student read to youngsters at a Head Start program than just be a member of the chess club.

Volunteering tips and tactics

Think outside the proverbial box when it comes to brainstorming volunteer opportunities. Remember that you’ll feel a lot better when you know that what you’re doing is helping a specific group of people; maybe even a group you know. Keep this, and the following tips, in mind when you’re signing up for community service.

  • Start volunteering as soon as you can. Colleges like to see students who show a deep commitment. If you start now you can show four years of commitment.
  • Check with your high school for community service requirements. Many high schools require a certain number of community service hours to graduate. Yet another benefit of volunteering is fulfilling this requirement.
  • Participate in your free time. Remember that volunteering isn’t like a job; you can often do it whenever you have some free time. Holidays and weekends are great times to help out.

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