Cost of College Applications Up at Many Schools

Cost of College Applications Up at Many Schools

What it costs to apply to different types of colleges.

Depending on the types of colleges and universities you’re applying to, you can expect to spend up to $100 for each application.

As any college student can tell you, it takes a lot of money to pay for college. But while students and their parents are well aware of the cost of college tuition, room and board, textbooks and other costs of attending college, there’s another cost you may not have factored in to your overall college budget: the cost of a college application.

A recent article in notes that the cost of college applications is rising for many types of schools. Depending on the types of colleges and universities you’re applying to, you can expect to spend up to $100 for each application. So while you may be tempted to apply to a large number of colleges and universities to increase the likelihood that you’ll get into college, bear in mind that this comes with a cost.

College Application Fees for Various Schools

Music schools, like The Juilliard School, have some of the highest application fees, according to A college student applying to these schools can expect to pay $100 for their application. The article attributes these costs to the extensive review process, which include both a prescreening and an audition that are judged by professional musicians and that may require additional musicians as accompanists.

Ivy league schools, including Harvard University and Yale University, also tend to charge application fees at the top of the range, partly due to the fact that these schools receive a disproportionately large number of applications and then need to hire qualified staff to review all of the applications.

Surprisingly, state schools, which are known for having lower tuition costs than private colleges, do not generally have lower application fees than other types of colleges and fell in the middle of the range for college application fees. Military schools like the Virginia Military Institute and the Citadel Military College of South Carolina charge some of the lowest application fees. And community colleges generally do not charge college application fees.

How to Get Around College Application Fees

In addition to applying to community colleges, there are other ways for students to get around the costs of college applications. The easiest way is to find out if the schools you’re applying to accept the common application. If so, find out if they will waive your application fee if you submit the online version of the Common Application.

Because it’s easier for colleges and universities to process these online applications, some schools, including Wellesley College and Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, will waive the application fee for students who submit applications this way.

Many schools also offer to waive the application fee for students with severe financial hardships. In most cases, you will be required to prove your financial need by submitting your family’s tax returns for the prior year, a letter from your guidance counselor or another document. To find out if the schools you’re applying to will consider fee waivers, contact the admissions office of the school and ask if they have an official policy regarding fee waivers and what information you can submit to request a waiver.

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