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Once you’ve graduated, don’t forget to send thank-you notes to everyone who came to the ceremony, gave you a congratulatory gift, or who helped you throughout your high school career.

Avoid senioritis and finish your high school academic career by tying up loose ends and graduating.

School started off as an adventure and generally we all had a pretty good time. We had naptime, and juice breaks, and learned all kinds of letters and numbers. But after 12 years of schooling, you’re probably ready to begin the next chapter in your educational career.


But first you have to graduate. This is no small feat, so pat yourself on the back for making it this far. Then once you’re done with self-congratulations, take a look at the high school graduation checklist to make sure you’re actually going to get to don the cap and gown and walk across your high school stage.

High School Graduation Checklist

Different high schools have different graduation requirements (so please check your local listings for changes in programming), but these tips can help ensure you graduate on time:

  • Take any final tests and complete any final projects that will complete your academic career.
  • Double check with your advisor to make sure you satisfy all academic graduation requirements.
  • Stop by the front office to verify that there are no holds on your record. Many schools require students to pay all outstanding fees and fines before they can walk for graduation.
  • Mail out graduations announcements to friends and family.
  • Order your cap and gown. Your school probably isn’t going to allow you to walk in your pajamas.

Congratulations! You’re officially done with high school. Just one more summer stands between you and college independence.

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