Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

Learn all about scholarship opportunities for the deaf, the blind and the handicapped.

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Students with disabilities face many challenges in life, but paying for college doesn’t have to be one of them.

There are many scholarship opportunities available for students with mental and physical disabilities.

If you have a disability and plan to continue your studies beyond high school, you might be surprised to find the number of scholarships that are specific to people in your situation.

There is a wide range of scholarships for the handicapped.

2011/2012 Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

There is a wide range of scholarships for the handicapped, many of which are sponsored by not-for-profit organizations and privately donated funds. Some institutions also provide scholarships for the disabled. Here’s a list of some of the opportunities out there:

*Anne Ford & Allegra Ford Scholarship

Award: $10,000
Overview: Sponsored by the National Center for Learning Disabilities, this program awards a $10,000 scholarship to two students with learning disabilities.
Requirements/eligibility: You must be a graduating high school senior with a learning disability to apply. Applicants should be well-rounded and driven, with a commitment to education and giving back to the community.
How to apply: Check the National Center for Learning Disabilities website for more information in mid-to-late August.

*ASCLA Century Scholarship

Award: $2,500
Overview: The American Library Association (ALA) provides this scholarship yearly to disabled students seeking to earn a graduate degree in library sciences.
Requirements/eligibility: To be considered for the Century Scholarship, you have to be admitted to an ALA-accredited library. You will also need medical documentation of your disability.
How to apply: Applications can be completed online, and are accepted from October through February.

*Schwallie Family Scholarship Program

Award: $3,000
Overview: This program is designed for students with autism or Asperger Syndrome.
Requirements/eligibility: You have to have an established diagnosis for autism or Asperger Syndrome to apply. You also must be enrolled at least part time in a post-secondary institution.
How to apply: The 2012 applications will open January 1, and can be completed online. Applications are due April 30.

*Wisconsin Council for the Blind and Visually Impaired Scholarship Fund

Award: $1,500 (full-time), $1,000 (part-time)
Overview: This fund awards scholarships to visually impaired Wisconsin residents. There are nine $1,500 awards for full-time students, as well as two $1,000 awards for part-time students.
Requirements/eligibility: To qualify, your vision should be 20/70 or worse in the better eye (with correction). You also need to be a Wisconsin resident with a minimum high school GPA of 2.5.
How to apply: The application form is available online, and must be postmarked by October 1. The scholarship committee sends out notifications by October 20.

*Linda Cowden Memorial Scholarship

Award: $1,000
Overview: This scholarship is awarded yearly to deaf or hard-of-hearing students, or to students seeking to serve the deaf community.
Requirements/eligibility: All applicants must live in the 16 eligible Tennessee counties (listed on the application). Deaf and hard-of-hearing students are given priority.
How to apply: Submit the application by March 21.

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