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You're not in this alone. Ask your parents, friends, and counselors to help you make sure you get everything you need done.

Be sure to send final transcripts and follow our checklist for the final steps to the college admissions process.

Contrary to what your friends might tell you, colleges care about ALL your high school grades, senior year included. Along with these final transcripts, it’s important to be aware of due dates as they approach – everything from tuition and fees to housing choice.

The Early Bird Gets the Good Housing and Schedule

Once you’ve been admitted to a college and accept the invitation to attend, you’ll receive all sorts of information on course scheduling, housing, orientation sessions, and financial aid disbursement. As a responsible young student, eager to get the best out of college, it’s your job to get these forms back to where they came from as soon as possible, so you can get the best schedule and housing possible.

Follow these tips to get what you want out of dorms and schedules:

  • Many schools will send housing match forms that help to match you with roommates and residence halls that fit your needs. Be as thorough and honest as you can on this form, and send it in early. Many times early entries can get better housing. For other tips visit our guide on How to Choose a College Roommate.
  • Remember way back to first semester of your senior year? Back when you had to choose courses for the spring semester? Was it better to choose classes first, or after everyone else had already had their pick?

College is no different. The earlier you choose classes, the more likely you’ll get the classes you need at the times you want. No need to get stuck in the 8am chem lab when there’s a perfectly good alternative at 3pm.

Your Final College Checklist

Throughout the college search process, we’ve been talking about certain financial aid and admissions “things” that your college will need. Now it’s time to make sure you didn’t forget anything that might cause you pains in the future.

First, take a look at the admissions checklist. Do you have everything marked off?

Second, check out your financial aid checklist. Is everything in order?

And finally, don’t forget to send off your final transcripts when you have them. Colleges care about your entire high school resume and your final semester’s grade are the final important piece to your high school education.

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