Best Colleges for “Star Wars” Characters

Though these colleges aren't located in a galaxy far far away, we still think the “Star Wars” characters should give them a shot.

By Sydney Nikols | February 17, 2017

Though Star Wars exists in a distant Galaxy, we think these characters would enjoy going to the schools listed below. We just hope those out of state tuition fees aren't too crazy.

Gather ‘round, "Star Wars" fans! We’ve decided to pay homage to George Lucas’s franchise by sending his characters to college (in our imaginations, that is). If Luke, Darth Vader, Padme, Princess Leia and Yoda lived on Earth, we’d point them in the direction of these five awesome schools.

If only the “Star Wars” galaxy contained some colleges us earth-dwellers could apply to. Coruscant University, anyone?

Syracuse University

Character: Luke Skywalker
Major: Ethics

The iconic Luke Skywalker is an incredibly principled man who’s desperate to avoid the dark side, so he’d love majoring in ethics, the study of moral philosophy. We think Luke would especially enjoy Syracuse University’s unique ethics program, which allows students to combine ethics courses with classes in a variety of other subjects, ranging from photography to biology to management. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any classes called “Advanced Lightsaber Dueling” in the course catalogue…

Since Luke grew on a planet with no water, he would undoubtedly find the leafy foliage of upstate New York an exciting change.

University of California, Berkeley

Character: Darth Vader
Major: Psychology

Psychologists have famously diagnosed Darth Vader with borderline personality disorder because of his abandonment issues, uncertain self-identity and other psychological problems. We’d love to send him to University of California, Berkeley so that he could learn more about his condition in the school’s popular psychology program. We’re also hoping Berkeley’s notoriously free-spirited student body could convince him to chill out a little bit.

As a UC Berkeley student, we think Darth Vader would be super stoked to be so close to Skywalker Ranch.

University of Maine

Character: Princess Leia
Major: Public Service

Leia Organa, who is fiercely dedicated to public service, constantly worries about the poor and deprived creatures in her galaxy. We think she’d love University of Maine’s program in public management, which prepares students for careers in public service by offering courses in public management, public administration, human resources and more. Just remind us to tell Leia to bring a winter coat. Winters in Maine are harsher than the snowstorms of Hoth.

After the defeat of the Emperor, Princess Leia became the interim head of the new republic; because nothing says democratic reform like a family coup.

Fashion Institute of Technology

Character: Padme Amidala
Major: Fashion Design

From her alabaster white make up to her geometrically shaped hair, Queen Amidala has established herself as the number one trendsetter in the Star Wars galaxy. We see her excelling at Fashion Institute of Technology, where she could study fashion design as well as jewelry and accessory design. Not only do we think she’d conquer these programs at FIT; her fierceness as a woman warrior assures us that she’d conquer the fast-paced streets of New York City, too.

Padme Amidala was elected leader of Naboo when she was 14. Talk about some impressive extracurricular activities!

University of Virginia

Character: Yoda
Major: Public Policy and Leadership

Yoda’s known for his amazing ability to perform battle meditation, a power that enables him to uplift his allies’ spirits and destroy his opponents’ will to fight. We’re sure he’d love the University of Virginia’s mindfulness center, which offers meditation programs for students who are coping with stress. As a bonus, the school’s Public Policy and Leadership program would suit the diplomatic Yoda just fine.

Since Virginia's swamps look an awful lot like the Dagobah system, we think Yoda would be quite comfortable at the University of Virginia.

If only the “Star Wars” galaxy contained some colleges us earth-dwellers could apply to. That would make for a pretty interesting four years…

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