College Match Questions: Choose a Location

College Match Questions: Choose a Location

Ask yourself these college matching questions to learn what matters most to you about location.

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Fact: Students with high test scores go to college] farther away from home than those with lower scores, even though opportunities for all types of students can be the same across distances.

Choosing a location for your college is perhaps one of the most influential aspects of finding a college match. Your location can change the cost, programs offered, campus life, types of activities and many other aspects of your college experience.

For example, let's say you really want to major in marine biology, but you're living in Colorado, and you can only afford to pay in-state tuition. Since there aren't any marine biology programs in Colorado, you'll need to look out of state or see if there's a reciprocity program to get the lower tuition rate you seek.

In this example, you'd need to use a regional exchange program with one of 16 states in the Western Interstate for Higher Education (WICHE) program to avoid expensive out-of-state tuition rates. Colorado students save an average of $6,704 a year by paying only 150% of resident tuition in other exchange states. So, if you want to study marine biology and pay less for out-of-state tuition you could do so in places like California, Oregon or Washington if you use the WICHE program.

As you can see, finding a college match is a delicate balance of knowing what you want and finding how to make it work. Many students don't realize that choosing a location is not as simple as choosing in-state or out-of-state because there are so many options.

This is why we developed our college matching questions to help guide you through this process.

Location Questions

Think carefully about where you want to live for the next four years and what you want to study there. Think about the lifestyle, climate and opportunities there. You should also consider what type of campus and surrounding area appeals to you.

Where do you want to go to school?

Do you want to stay close to home, or try living somewhere else?

Are you open to schools that are:

  • In-State?
  • Out-of-State?
  • Either?

The Campus: Which best describes the location of your ideal campus?

  • Bring on the big city life!
  • A city big enough to explore, but small enough to know well.
  • A large college town with lots of stuff to do!
  • A small town that is quaint and friendly, where everybody knows your name.
  • A rural college that is near trees, national parks and back country roads to explore.
  • Anywhere, USA

Is your course of study tied to a type of environment or climate?

Weather: Which weather wardrobe appeals to you?

  • T-shirt with jeans
  • Shorts and puffer jacket
  • Trench coat and umbrella
  • Shorts and t-shirt
  • Hanger with "Whatever" tag

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