College Plan Timeline:

Set a weekly reminder to update your college planning calendar.

Track important dates and deadlines so your college application requirements are completed on time.

Have you ever missed a deadline for an important assignment or paper? Now multiply that feeling by 10 and you get what some students feel when they miss an important college preparation deadline.

In the coming months you will have to keep track of many important dates and deadlines for SAT registration, SAT test dates, application due dates, letter of recommendation due dates, college visitation dates, orientation dates, AP exam dates, college essay due dates and many more.

How to Make Your College Calendar

The important part about creating your first college calendar is doing something you know you'll stick to. It does you no good to make an elaborate plan of dates and reminders, just to quit using it after a week. Keep this in mind as you follow the tips and tactics below:

  • If you're having trouble thinking of something that will work for you, ask your parents, friends, family members, and teachers for help. But don't just ask them what worked for them, ask them what they think will work for you.
  • Don't hesitate to use technology. There are so many electronic planners and online organizers that it kind of seems silly not to use them. The computer you're using right now most likely has a calendar program that is a perfectly acceptable way of reminding you about important dates.
  • If technology isn't your thing, however, don't force it. There's nothing wrong with using a daily planner that you can actually touch, or one of those big calendars you can post on your bedroom wall.
  • Get in a routine. Easier said than done, but your college calendar will be much more useful if you update it regularly, and consult it daily.

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