Is It Time for a Career Switch? 10 Signs It's Time to Change Jobs

Changing jobs can be stressful but necessary. Find out if it's time to consider a new job.

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By Christopher Geno

Making a career switch can be a tough decision, but changing jobs can be the best option for employees who really no longer enjoy their work. Before you go out and find a new job, make sure you definitely know that a career switch is what you want. Use this list to figure out whether it’s time to change jobs.

If your job keeps you from enjoying your life, changing careers might be your only outlet.

1. You frequently dread going into work in the morning.

Everyone has those days where you don’t want to come into work. If it starts becoming a pattern, try to understand why you dread work so much. Is there something you can fix that will make work enjoyable again?

2. It’s your field, not your employer.

If you dislike your employer, you might just need a new job, not a new career. But employees who still hate their work after holding jobs at different companies all in the same field might consider a career switch.

3. You can’t picture your future.

Think about it hard. Can you see yourself being a leader in your field in five years? Ten years? More? If you really can’t, a new job or career switch might be necessary.

4. Your salary or benefits aren’t what you want or need.

Even if you like your job, you might be unable to live with the money you make, have very bad benefits like healthcare, and lack the ability to move upward in your field. Sometimes, changing jobs is necessary to have financial stability and comfort, and that’s okay.

5. You commiserate with other unhappy employees.

It’s normal to feel angry or sad. But if you spend lots of time at work grumbling about work with other employees who also hate their jobs, that’s a big sign that you’re not happy. A new job might do the trick, but a full career switch might be necessary if you’re showing other signs from this list.

6. You know there’s something you can do better.

Does everyone tell you that you work well with kids? Have you always wanted to be a teacher, but got stuck working for some dead-end company? Don’t be afraid to follow that dream.

7. There’s only one thing keeping you back.

Maybe you want a new job but you like your co-workers, or you’re ready to change jobs, but you’re scared of having to go back to school. If there’s really only one thing keeping you back from a career switch, go for it.

8. You’re bored.

Ask for more responsibility or if you know there’s something at work that would be exciting, see if you can be a part of that. Otherwise, if you’re always bored at work and nothing can keep you interested, it might be time to change careers.

9. Your interests have changed.

Sometimes people change. If everything else about your job is good, try keeping hobbies that satisfy these interests. If you really can’t fulfill yourself or your job keeps you from enjoying your life, changing careers might be your only outlet.

10. Your job is affecting your health.

People who dislike their jobs often get headaches, stomachaches, back problems, and have issues with sleeping. These can be caused by temporary stress at work, but if they happen frequently, and you know it’s because you don’t like going into work, start looking for a new job right away.


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