International Exchange Programs

Learn how you can study in America for part of your college education.

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Do you want to study in the US, but you’re not sure you want to stay in the states for your entire college education?

International student exchange programs, including study abroad programs, give students across the globe the opportunity for short-term studies in America. You can choose to stay for one semester or one year.

International art students who are interested in studying in California can participate in the California College of the Arts (CCA) exchange program.

During student exchange programs, you live and study at a specific college in the US while a student from that school simultaneously attends college at your school.

Student exchange programs are an excellent opportunity to get a taste of American education and life without the commitment of staying for an entire degree program.

ISEP and Other Popular Programs

The most popular study abroad program is the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP). It was the first global student exchange consortium and over the years has expanded to include 145 higher education institutions in the US.

Some of these colleges include:

A complete list of participating institutions can be found online at the ISEP Directory site.

The Foundation for Worldwide International Student Exchange (WISE) has a University Homestay program that allows international students to live with an average American family and attend college at a participating college or university in Northern or Southern California, including UC Davis, UC Irvine and UC Santa Barbara.

Graduate students can apply to the prestigious Fulbright Student Exchange program that allows you to study and research in the US for one year or longer. Program eligibility is different for each country, so it’s best to contact your country’s office for higher education

Study Abroad College Programs

You may also find an international student exchange program through various American higher education institutions.

The Boston College International Exchange Student Program involves a bilateral agreement with more than 50 renowned international colleges. To be included in the program, you must be nominated by your home university and complete a BC Exchange Student Application. You will receive an email notifying you of your acceptance and shortly after, receive a welcoming package with all the information you need before and during your exchange program.

International art students who are interested in studying in California can participate in the California College of the Arts (CCA) exchange program. In order to be eligible for this program you must be in the junior level of college by the time you start classes. To apply, CCA requires you to submit a detailed proposal of the work you will complete during your studies at the college, a portfolio of 10 to 15 images, a letter of recommendation from a faculty member and a current academic transcript.

Not all exchange programs allow you to take advantage of their financial aid programs, so check with your school to make sure you can afford the tuition.

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