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The money you earn from internships and jobs can help you pay for your testing and application fees in the fall!

After junior year summer is important for college prep. Get involved and prepare for your college essay.

The upcoming summer is the last summer before the last summer before you go off to college. It’s important.

But on a serious note, the summer before your senior year is vital to your college application process. In terms of your academic resume, the summer before your senior year is crucial because…

1. It gives you the inspiration for a good college essay. Recently the New York Times published an article entitled, “For a Standout College Essay, Applicants Fill Their Summers.” Essentially the article explains how a packed summer can help students give college admissions boards a glimpse into what kind of person they really are.

2. A diverse summer, filled with jobs and internships, or volunteering looks good on your college applications.

3. It helps to develop your leadership skills and allows you to explore different fields, which you might major (or even have a career) in later.

But what you choose to do can be just as important as doing something. Here are some tips on what to choose and how to choose it.

  • Plan your summer activities early. Internships, volunteering opportunities, and high-profile summer programs fill up early with students just like you who are looking to impress college admissions boards.
  • Summer jobs or special academic programs like summer schools can help you prepare for college classes and majors.
  • Above all, choose something that interests you. You aren’t trying to trick admissions boards, just show a part of your personality and work ethic through a summer activity.
  • Even if your summer is already booked with a family vacation or summer program, look for opportunities you can use to inspire a great college essay.

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