College Plan Timeline:


The ACT is now accepted by all four-year college and universities in the US so take whichever standardized test you feel most comfortable with!

Meet with your counselor to develop your testing strategies and college plan.

You’ll notice a trend among our yearly recommendations. Each of them includes making a stop in to see your friendly college guidance counselor.

But some of you won't have counselors and some won’t get to meet with your counselor nearly as much as you’d like.

Luckily, that’s what we’re here for! If you don’t have access to a counselor, use Campus Explorer tools to figure out your college strategy. And if are lucky enough to meet with your counselor, make sure you know exactly what you want to talk about when the meeting time comes.

Topics that should be covered include:

1. Your Junior Year Academic Program

Are you taking the right classes for the type of college you want to go to? What about for a specific major? Have you signed up for AP classes? Does your academic resume show that you’re serious about academics including both core and elective classes?

While it might be too late to change classes for this semester, future schedules are always malleable. Formulate a clear academic program and don’t forget about your GPA. Colleges like an upward trend.

2. Your Testing Plan

You’ve already signed up for the PSAT/NMSQT, now it’s time to confirm the test date and time and make sure you’re all set to take it. You’ll also want to formulate your long-term testing plan. Are you taking the SAT, the ACT, or both? What level of test prep are you planning? Explore your strengths and weaknesses and find out what you can do to crush every standardized test that stands in your way.

3. Your College Prep Strategy

Finally, if you can, talk with your counselor about what kind of colleges you’re thinking of applying to. She will have helpful tips and tactics on college research, and can give you some broad knowledge of what types of students attend your prospective colleges.

If you don’t have a counselor or she’s too busy solving other students’ problems, hop on Campus Explorer and use our College Search tool. Make a list of the colleges you like, it’s never too early to do a little research.

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