Where Disney Villains Should Have Gone to College

Find out which schools would turn these villains around so they could find a true happily-ever-after, just like you.

By Leland Montgomery | February 17, 2017

These villains have a lot of work to do if they want to stop being so evil.
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We’ve seen where both the Disney princesses and Disney heroes would go to college, but what about the villains? Is there a Scoundrel University or an Evil Academy? We can only imagine what the classes would look like -- “Cackling 101,” “Intro to Hubris” and “The Art of Scheming.”

Yet, where would Disney villains go if they wanted to stop being such creeps?

Here’s a list of seven schools where Disney villains would go if they wanted follow their true interests (outside of being evil).

Check out these schools to see which university will guarantee you a happily ever after.

Captain Hook: The United States Naval Academy

With all his experience on a pirate ship, Captain Hook from “Peter Pan” would easily adjust to life at the United States Naval Academy (USNA). The government covers tuition, housing and food for USNA cadets, which means Hook wouldn’t have to dig up any buried treasure to pay for this school. The USNA puts a lot of importance on developing their students’ morals. Armed with a degree in maritime science and a conscience developed under the mentorship of the USNA, James Hook would be ready to go on to a fulfilling and honorable career in the U.S. Navy.

All USNA students must serve in the navy after graduating. Let's hope Captain Hook isn't deployed somewhere with a significant crocodile population.

Cruella de Vil: Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

Cruella de Vil from “101 Dalmatians” would be pleased to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). Though her avant-garde animal prints would gain her critical acclaim from professors like Fashion mogul Lubov Azria and Project Runway winner Leanne Marshall, she would have to rethink her ideas about fur. Los Angeles is too hot for mink. Besides, recent grad Lauren Conrad has a strict no fur policy. If Cruella wanted to stay in with the designer alumni crowd, she’d have to consider faux fur line.

Jafar: George Washington University

After Aladdin banished Jafar from Agrabah, the former political advisor would dust himself off and get his act together at George Washington University (GWU). Given the school’s proximity to the capitol, GWU would be the perfect place for a budding politician like Jafar to increase his political knowledge. After all, the school is home to a top notch political science program. However, with Harry Reid, Colin Powell, J. Edgar Hoover and Jacqueline Kennedy as role models (they’re all GWU alumni), Jafar would eventually give up his goals of political domination and instead focus his energy on becoming a lobbyist for a political action committee dedicated to fighting for the rights of recovered Disney villains.

Jafar may look untrustworthy, but put him next to the current crowd in Washington and he'll start looking honest soon enough!

Claude Frollo: University of Notre Dame

Archdeacon Claude Frollo spends most of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” trying to keep Quasimodo locked up in the tower. He’s strict and takes his faith a little too seriously. (Why else would he want to burn the girl he likes at the stake?) Frollo would learn religious moderation and feel a sense of familiarity once classes start at the University of Notre Dame. Notre Dame was founded as a catholic university and 80% of Notre Dame Students identify as Catholic which means Frollo would be able to bond with his fellow classmates over their shared beliefs.

Despite the school’s deep tradition of spirituality, Frollo would be able to broaden his perspective through Notre Dame’s nationally renowned Science programs and their brand new LGBT student organization. He would even be able to get a job to support himself while at school -- the university dorms usually have nuns or priests for RA’s.

Dr. Facilier: Tulane University

Dr. Facilier from “The Princess and The Frog” is a New Orleans man from his skull top hat down to his spats. That’s why we can’t imagine him going anywhere but Tulane University. Tulane has one of the first medical schools in the South, so Facilier might be able to swap his witch doctoring for a legitimate medical license. The school is the city’s first major university and a big part of the city’s culture. The campus also boasts the title of the largest single employer in the city. They’ve got more land and money than even Big Daddy La Bouff!

After Dr. Facilier opens up his medical practice, patients will be able to have their cards read while waiting for their diagnosis.

Lady Tremaine: Cornell University School of Hotel Administration

Lady Tremaine is bad at housekeeping and seems to have a spending problem for the sake of her daughters -- why else would she force Cinderella to do all the work in nothing but rags? By the time Cinderella marries the prince, we're guessing the entire chateau has fallen into ruin, especially with the step-sister's tantrums. Having been disowned by her step-daughter, we think this pragmatic lady would turn her ambitions away from the throne and towards a new career that starts with Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. Founded in 1922, Cornell's hospitality program has become a leader in the field of hotel and restaurant management. After graduating at the top of her class, Lady Tremaine would return home to transform her dilapidated mansion into a chic B&B fit for visits from the royal family.

Mother Gothel: The Teachers College, Columbia University

“Tangled’s” Mother Gothel doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to raising kids. We think this could all change if she skipped town and enrolled in the Teachers College at Columbia University. Known more simply as “Teachers College,” this program is one of the oldest and largest educational programs in the United States. Armed with a degree in education, Mother Gothel would return to the Kingdom to start a successful day care center (where she always gives the kids back to their parents at the end of the day).

Mother Gothel may have to work on looking a little less terrifying before she opens up her day care center; we think she can do it though.

Like these villains, the right college can make you a better person too. Check out these schools to see which university will guarantee you a happily ever after.

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