Santa Clara University (SCU)

Santa Clara, CA

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Santa Clara University Applicant Information

Important Admissions Deadlines

Application Deadline January 7
SAT / ACT Scores Due January 7
College Will Notify April 1
Reply to Acceptance by May 1

Admission Rate

  • Men
  • Women
  Men Women Total
Applied 5,773 7,569 13,342
Accepted 3,169 4,094 7,263
Acceptance Rate 55% 54% 54%
Enrolled 650 633 1,283

SCU Test Scores

Note: All test score ranges and GPA are approximations based on available data. Falling within a school’s displayed range for test scores and/or GPA does not guarantee admission to that school.

Average GPA
3.60 (weighted)

ACT Scores

(59% of Students Admitted to Santa Clara University Submit ACT Scores)

  • Verbal 25 to 31
  • Math 26 to 31
  • Composite 27 to 31
  • Verbal
  • Math
  • Composite
  Verbal Math Composite
Top 75th Percentile 31 31 31
Bottom 25th Percentile 25 26 27

Santa Clara University Application Requirements

  Required Recommended Considered
Application Fee ($55)   Very Important
High School Diploma or Equivalent   Very Important
High School GPA   Very Important
High School Rank     Important
High School Transcript   Very Important
Recommendations   Important
Essay     Very Important
Extracurricular Activities     Important
Volunteer Work     Important
Standardized Test Score(s)   Very Important
Interview     Not Considered
Competencies     Not Considered
TOEFL   Very Important

High School Prerequisites

Subject Years Required Years Recommended
Electives 1 1
English 4 4
Foreign Language 2 4
Math 3 4
Science 2 3
Social Studies 3 3
Lab 2 3
Other 1
Electives 1 1

Santa Clara University Transfer Students

Undergraduate Enrollment 5,620 (96%)
Undergraduate Transfer-in Enrollment 204 (3%)

Santa Clara University Admissons Requirements for Transfers

  Required Recommended Considered
Application Fee ($55)   Very Important
Credits (minimum 45)   Very Important
GPA (minimum 3.30)   Very Important
High School Transcript   Very Important
College Transcript   Very Important
Essay/Personal Statement   Very Important
Interview     Not Considered
Standardized Test Scores   Important
Statement of Good Standing
from Prior Institution(s)
    Not Considered

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