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San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University


  • On-Campus Housing Available
  • Meal Service
  • Co-ed Dorms
  • Single-Student Apartments
  • Married-Student Apartments
  • Special Housing for Disabled Students
  • Special Housing for International Students
  • Other: theme housing; women-only floors.
Room & Board Expenses $12,414
Living On-Campus 11%
Living Off-Campus 89%

Ratings & Reviews

Overall College Life Rating:

Rated 4.5 of 5 Stars 14 Reviews

50% of students gave San Francisco State University 4 stars in College Life.

Student Ratings

Student at This School - Grad Year 2013

College Life Rating

SF State has a huge student center - Cesar Chavez Student Center - where activities take place and is employed by students. The center also offers food vendors, study rooms, and art facilities for creativity and learning.

Student at This School - Grad Year 2013

College Life Rating

Pretty great, it's a huge campus so we consist of dozens of smaller communities. Music: The Depot at State is a small room underground, below the student center. They would have student DJ's play every first Friday of the month and these people are truly talented. They also have battle of the bands, spoken word, Indie and other live performances. Our school also hosts dance parties, which ARE NOT LAME like a skeptical mind might first think. They choose amazing Electro DJ's and admission is free for students plus one guest. We definitely got down at the dances when we lived on campus. Sports: The only complaint I hear from people is that there is no football team, thus no football games to gather people. However, the baseball, basketball, soccer and wrestling matches are very entertaining. There is also a great inter mural sports league on campus were people create their own teams, pick a skill level to compete in and play once a week. The games are so much fun and even if you just show up to watch, it's a good way to find people who are into the same sports as you. Frats: The best Fraternity I know about on campus is the Jewish frat..I forgot their name. They are sponsored by Rock star so they always have unlimited cans for free and their parties are close to campus and normally have a theme. I love dressing up, and these people aren't the typical "douche bag/bro" frats that only let girls in and act like fools. This Fraternity and most of the Frats and Sororities at SFSU are made up of sweethearts and their events are a lot of fun!

Campus Safety

Emergency Hotline
(415) 338-7200
Medical Center Emergency Department
(415) 338-1251
Campus Police
N State Dr., San Francisco, CA 94132


Quick Facts
Team Mascot: Gator
School Song: Onward State
School Colors: purple and gold
Official Athletics Site:
Athletic Facilities baseball and softball fields; fitness center, gymnasium; soccer, track and field stadium; tennis court
Athletic Conferences: NAA, NCAA
Basketball: California Collegiate Athletic Assoc
Baseball: California Collegiate Athletic Assoc
Track: California Collegiate Athletic Assoc

Athletics Department at San Francisco State University

Athletic Director Name
Michael Simpson
Athletic Department Email

Student Organizations

Military Programs
ROTC Air Force

Other Organizations

  • Academic Clubs
  • Business
  • Environmental
  • Gay and Lesbian
  • Music Organizations (Band, Choir, etc.)
  • Political Activism
  • Theatre/Drama
  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • Religious Organizations
  • Minority Organizations
  • International Organizations
  • Student Government
  • Student Newspaper
  • Literary Magazine
  • Radio Station
  • Television Station

Student Services

Computer & Technological Services

  • Internet Access
  • Computers in Residence Halls
  • Computers in Libraries
  • Computer Labs
  • Computers in Student Center
  • Email Account Provided by School

Career & Employment Services

  • Career Counseling
  • Co-op Education Placement
  • Internship Placement
  • Career / Job Search Classes
  • Interest Inventory
  • On-Campus Job Interviews
  • Resume Assistance
  • Alumni Network
  • Interview Training

Counseling Services

  • Minority Student Counseling
  • Military Counseling
  • Veteran Counseling
  • Older Student Counseling
  • Birth Control Counseling
  • Personal Counseling
  • Academic Counseling
  • Psychological Counseling

Physically Handicapped Services

  • Note-Taking Service
  • Recording Devices
  • Tutors
  • Reader Services
  • Interpreters for Hearing-Impaired
  • Special Transportation
  • Special Housing
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Braille Services

Other Services at San Francisco State University

School Store / Bookstore

  • Health Services
  • On-Campus Child Care
  • Library on Campus
  • Non-Remedial Tutoring
  • Placement Services
  • Women’s Center
  • Health Insurance

Famous Alumni

  • Willie Brown, former mayor of San Francisco
  • Annette Bening, actress
  • Danny Glover, actor.

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San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University

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