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The world is your classroom. Hollywood is just a click away.

  • Financial Aid and Military Benefits Available to Those Who Qualify
  • Career-Focused and Accredited Bachelor’s Degrees
  • Unparalleled Entertainment Industry Access

Sometimes you have a dream so big, it’s hard to fit it into your life, but it’s not impossible to get those dreams in line when you can learn them online. The Los Angeles Film School online degree programs are for go-getters who don’t have time for the traditional path. Sometimes, the best way to learn is on your own time, at your own pace and around your schedule. Our career-focused and accredited online Bachelor of Science degree programs in Digital Filmmaking and Entertainment Business allow you to take control of when and where you’ll merge your creative spirit and ideas with the tools of the web to bring your dreams to life.

Bachelor of Science Degree
Sometimes you have a career path where you don’t want to slow down, but just because you’re not on campus, doesn’t mean you can’t get an education! Our full Entertainment Business program is now available online- making for a whole world wide web of possibilities.

Become a part of the Hollywood industry- from anywhere in the world! Cover all aspects of the entertainment industry through online courses of essentials:

Introduction to Business in the Media and Entertainment Industries • Website Design and Editing • Professional Selling • Media Communications and Public Relations • Business Storytelling and Brand Development • Artist Management • Business and Entrepreneurship • Event Management • Entertainment Business Models • Contract Negotiations

Entertainment business, more than any other industry, offers many different kinds of creative entrepreneurial career opportunities such as:

Executive Producer • Production Coordinator • Product Specialist • Marketing Representative • Social Media Specialist • Public Relations • Royalty Associate • Special Events Coordinator • Distribution -- and more!

Bachelor of Science Degree
For the on-the-go auteur who wants to learn moviemaking on the move, our program blends web technology with the art of film, so that now with the press of a button, you can connect to your education and make a scene anywhere, anytime.

With an industry-standard camera kit and with the press of a button, you can connect to your education and the courses below:

Digital Cinematography • Cinema History • Composition and Visual Design • Directing • Web Design • Digital Audio Production • Producing • Independent Film • Storytelling • Editing and Visual Effects

Potential careers for a degree in Digital Filmmaking are virtually limitless as technology continues to redefine what we can do with visual entertainment:

Cinematographer • Editor • Post-Production Manager • Producer • Visual Effects Artist • Documentary Producer • Production Assistant • Videographer • Camera Operator • Lighting Technician -- and more!

For more information on our programs and their outcomes, go to http://lafilm.edu/disclosures.