General Business Colleges

General Business Colleges

If you choose to study General Business in college, you’ll learn how business organizations work from the techniques used to sell and produce successful products to the principles of finance and accounting. A General Business college education can lead to careers in many areas of the field including marketing, accounting, finance, business management and human resources.

Many General Business majors attend colleges and universities to attain a bachelors degree, the minimum requirement for most high-paying jobs in the field. Masters degrees, or MBAs are also common for General Business students. Graduate degrees are becoming increasingly valuable when going after competitive and prestigious positions. Other students in this major seek certificates and associates degrees from technical schools, career colleges, online schools and community colleges.

General Business majors who have a professional demeanor, leadership qualities and excellent written and verbal communication skills are on their way to success. Organization, drive, creativity and discipline are all important, too. Computer and math skills are often needed.

If you’re interested in General Business, you should explore related majors including Apparel and Accessories Marketing Operations; Business Administration and Management; Business/Corporate Communications; Business/Managerial Operations; Construction Management; E-Commerce/Electronic Commerce; Fashion Merchandising; Finance; Financial Planning and Services; Hospitality Management; Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration; International Business/Trade/Commerce; Logistics and Materials Management; Management Information Systems; Management Information Systems and Services; Marketing; Non-Profit/Public/Organizational Management; Office Management and Supervision; Operations Management and Supervision; Organizational Behavior Studies; Restaurant & Food Services; Selling Skills and Sales Operations; Small Business Administration/Management; and Tourism & Travel Management.

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Choosing a General Business School

General Business programs are offered at technical schools, career schools, community colleges, online schools, 4-year colleges and universities nationwide. The best college and university programs often feature professors that are well connected to the field they teach. Internship programs and career placement services are also important. If you’re interested in specializing in a specific area of business, look for a school to match your needs.

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General Business Degree Programs

Certificates and associates degrees are available from technical schools, career colleges, community colleges and online schools. These 1 to 2 year General Business programs include basic accounting and finance skills along with business computer training and will prepare you for entry-level, assistant and clerk positions. Some certificate programs however are offered at colleges, online schools and universities for the purpose of improving the business skills of bachelors degree-holders.

College and university bachelors degrees are commonplace in the General Business major. You’ll need this level of degree for many entry-level careers in business and to guarantee better salaries as you work your way up. Along with basic accounting, economics and finance courses you’ll learn about investments, global trade and business law. Often you can also choose to minor in a particular area such as human resources or marketing.

Masters degrees or MBAs are popular for General Business students, too. Many employers favor MBA candidates. An MBA can give you added expertise and boost your earning potential significantly when you apply for top-level or competitive positions.

General Business Degree Programs:

Online General Business Degree Programs at Online Schools

If you’re looking to earn an online degree in General Business you’ll find no shortage of online school options for certificates, bachelors degree, masters degrees and associates degrees. Look for a General Business online degree program through a college, university or technical school. Online school will give you the same chance to learn the basic techniques and principles behind successful businesses.

Online General Business Degree Programs:

Online General Business Schools

High School Preparation

Prospective General Business majors should be sure to take plenty of math as well as accounting and economics during high school. Sign up for any electives in marketing, business or office computer software. College admissions officers look for leadership qualities so prove yours through student counsel positions or by leading a club or sports team. Business clubs like Junior Achievement are great ways to learn about the field and possible career paths, too.

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Popular Careers in the Field of General Business

The career opportunities for General Business graduates are vast. Jobs exist in a variety of industries and a variety of areas of business. Careers are as diverse as sales managers, management analysts, construction managers and administrative services managers. In general, the career outlook is favorable, but competition can be fierce for more glamorous industries like fashion as well as top-paying high-level positions. Experience and expertise go hand-in-hand with higher salaries, so don’t expect to make top dollar right out of General Business school. Students with bachelors degrees and MBAs can expect the best opportunities.

Accountants and auditors see salaries in the $42,000 to $72,000 range while financial analysts and financial managers see salaries between $51,000 and $125,000. Marketing managers and human resources managers can generally reach salaries upwards of $100,000. Working on commissions and for bonuses, investment bankers, traders and stockbrokers often earn salaries over $125,000. Top level executives like chief financial officers, general and operations managers and chief executive officers easily see salaries of $150,000 and some make over one million dollars in a year.

Without a bachelors degree, career options exist as human resources assistants, financial clerks, bookkeepers, legal secretaries, administrative assistants and executive assistants. These positions pay salaries between $23,000 and $51,000 per year on average.

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Florida International University

Miami, Florida

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Saint Louis, Missouri

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Keller Graduate School of Management

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Arizona State University, Tempe

Tempe, Arizona

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Purdue University Global, Davenport

Davenport, Iowa

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California State University, Fullerton

Fullerton, California

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