Teacher Training Colleges

Teacher Training Colleges

Teacher Training major programs prepare students for all kinds of teaching roles ranging from Early Childhood Education to Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching. Often Teacher Training majors study to teach a specific subject including programs in Art Teacher Education, Health Teacher Education, Driver and Safety Teacher Education and Computer Teacher Education. Most Teacher Training programs include both classroom instruction and a hands-on student-teaching internship.

Many Teacher Training majors seek bachelors degrees from colleges and universities, especially when a teaching career at a secondary school or public school is desired. Masters degrees are also widely available. Teacher Training majors can also complete a certificate or associates degree program in 1 to 2 years at a technical school, career college, community college, online school, 4-year college or university. Usually these programs prepare you for teaching outside of the school system or on an assistant, tutor or aide level.

To ensure success in the Teacher Training major you should possess patience, leadership qualities, compassion, good communication skills including listening and a desire to help other learn. For those students planning to enter careers teaching children, a love for kids and a lot of energy is best.

The options for Teacher Training programs are nearly endless. Choose from Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching; Adult Literacy Tutor/Instructor; Agricultural Teacher Education; Art Teacher Education; Biology Teacher Education; Business Teacher Education; Chemistry Teacher Education; Computer Teacher Education; Drama and Dance Teacher Education; Driver and Safety Teacher Education; Early Childhood Education; Elementary Education and Teaching; English/Language Arts Teacher Education; Family and Consumer Sciences/Home Economics Teacher Education; Foreign Language Teacher Education; French Language Teacher Education; Geography Teacher Education; German Language Teacher Education; Health Occupations Teacher Education; Health Teacher Education; History Teacher Education; Junior High/Intermediate/Middle School Education and Teaching; Kindergarten/Preschool Education and Teaching; Latin Teacher Education; Mathematics Teacher Education; Montessori Teacher Education; Music Teacher Education; Other Education; Physical Education Teaching and Coaching; Physics Teacher Education; Psychology Teacher Education; Reading Teacher Education; Sales and Marketing Operations/Marketing and Distribution Teacher Education; School Librarian/School Library Media Specialist; Science Teacher Education/General Science Teacher Education; Social Science Teacher Education; Social Studies Teacher Education; Spanish Language Teacher Education; Speech Teacher Education; Teacher Assistant/Aide; Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods; Teacher Education and Professional; Development, Specific Subject Areas; Teacher Education, Multiple Levels; Teaching Assistants/Aides; Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language/ESL Language Instructor; Teaching English or French as a Second or Foreign Language; Teaching French as a Second or Foreign Language; Technical Teacher Education; Technology Teacher Education/Industrial Arts Teacher Education; Secondary Education; Trade and Industrial Teacher Education; and Waldorf/Steiner Teacher Education.

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Choosing a Teacher Training School

You can find Teacher Training programs at about 2,000 schools including technical schools, career colleges, community colleges, online schools, 4-year colleges and universities. So what differentiates them from one another? Start by choosing a program that offers the specialty you want to pursue whether it’s general teacher education skills, teaching English as a second language or teaching secondary education. You should also make sure that prospective programs fulfill any requirements to teach in the capacity and state or states you desire. Finally, find out where you’ll complete your student-teaching internship.

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Teacher Training Degree Programs

Four-year college or university bachelors degree programs are common for Teacher Training majors, especially those who need to meet state requirements to teach in a public or private school. Most Teacher Training bachelors degree programs are designed for students who want to specialize in a particular subject matter or area of teaching. For example, students may choose to study Geography Teacher Education or Drama and Dance Teacher Education.

Teacher Training certificate programs on the other hand generally are designed for students who already have a bachelors degree, but wish to change careers to become a teacher. These programs are typically one to two years long and offered in the more general Early Childhood Education and Secondary Education categories as well as subject-specific areas like Trade and Industrial Teacher Education or Speech Teacher Education. Masters degrees are also available to students seeking a career change. Some certificate programs as well as two-year associates degree programs will prepare students for entry level positions as teachers assistants or teachers aides.

Teacher Training Degree Programs:

Online Teacher Training Degree Programs at Online Schools

If you prefer to enroll in an online school, you’ll find many options for Teacher Training online degree programs offered at the certificate, associates degree, bachelors degree and masters degree levels. Online school is especially beneficial to individuals already holding a bachelors degree and seeking a career change. You’ll find a variety of online degree concentrations to give you the tools needed to teach in a number of capacities. You can even get an online degree in the subject of teaching in a virtual classroom.

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High School Preparation

Don’t wait until your first day of college to prepare for Teacher Training, start while you’re still in high school. The type of teacher you want to be will determine what classes you should choose to focus on and take as electives now. For example, if you want to teach foreign languages, sign up for both French and German. That said, you shouldn’t slack in any of your high school classes. To get a leg up on college applications, sign up for volunteer work or look for part time jobs tutoring, coaching or working as a camp counselor.

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Popular Careers in the Field of Teacher Training

Careers for Teacher Training majors generally include public and private Elementary School Teachers, Middle School Teachers and Secondary School Teachers as well as more specific types of teachers such as Adult Remedial Education Instructors or Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Teachers Postsecondary. Because most public and private school teachers must hold a bachelors degree, those with associates degrees and certificates find work as assistants, aides or tutors.

Elementary, middle school and high school teachers receive annual salaries between $40,000 and $63,000 on average. Teachers in postsecondary settings typically earn higher salaries averaging between $40,000 and $80,000 annually. While adult education teachers earn lower salaries between $33,000 and $57,000 annually.

Teachers can boost their earning potentials and increase job prospects through experience and continuing education. It’s important to maintain up to date skills and knowledge of the latest teaching trends. Putting in extra hours in related capacities as coaches, tutors or summer school instructors can lead to higher salaries, too.

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Teacher Training Colleges


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Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

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Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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