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98% of students

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
In-state tuition: $33,406
Student enrollment: Medium

Salus University

Elkins Park, PA

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Other Ophthalmic and Optometric Support Services and Allied Professions; Physician Assistant; Other Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Professions; Education/Teaching of Individuals with Vision Impairments, Including Blindness; See more »

Salus University
Student enrollment: Small


If you’re a health professional who works with breastfeeding mothers, you should consider signing up for courses, available through mail or email, offered by the Center for Lactation Education, centered in Villa Park, Pennsylvania. Academics offered through the center include the following courses in breastfeeding: * Breastfeeding counselor * Lactation consultant * Specific subject lactation courses * Clinical subject lactation courses Distance education courses are available to those whom are seeking to become a lactation consultant. Other health care professionals who may benefit from these courses include: * Nurses * Dietitians * Nurse Practitioners * Midwives * Physicians * Childbirth Educators General admissions do not require students to have had any personal breastfeeding experience. To apply, students must fill out an application, which is available on the center’s website. Certain courses require students to have fulfilled additional criteria. For the breastfeeding consultation course, students must have earned a high school diploma or GED; for the lactation consultant course, students must hold an associate’s degree or diploma from an accredited college, university or nursing school. The center is approved by the Accreditation and Approval Review Committee on Education in Human Lactation and Breastfeeding. Tuition is different for each program. Mini-courses in clinical and specific subject courses are less than the counselor and consultant courses. Tuition does not cover the price of textbooks.

Center for Lactation Education
Student enrollment: