Culinary Arts Scholarships

Part science, part art and part fun, a culinary arts major can be both challenging and fulfilling. Combine that with the exposure the culinary arts have gotten lately through television shows, and it should come as no surprise that interest in the field is high.

Types of Culinary Scholarships

Since it is still a niche field, there aren’t nearly as many culinary arts scholarships out there as there are, say, engineering scholarships.

But the maximum award amount for the available culinary scholarships tends to be high, and there are also some interesting contests and other programs that can help culinary students graduate without a load of debt.

Popular Culinary Arts Scholarships

The SkillsUSA Championship is a popular competition among students in the arts, as hosted through the Art Institute school system. The program is open only to members of SkillsUSA, and awards up to $20,000 to the winner in the culinary arts competition.

The non-school-specific International Foodservice Editorial Council Annual Scholarship is a less exclusive option, awarding up to $3,750 to an exceptional student in foodservice and communications.

Applying for Culinary Scholarships

Many culinary scholarships will require the participation in a program such as SkillsUSA or C-Cap, or will be part of a contest. Be sure to browse our scholarship directory and check out specific culinary arts scholarships to learn about the criteria.

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