College Life

College Classes and Academics

College classes and majors are the backbone of your education. But are you fully prepared for freshman year or ready to choose your major? Do you know how to study for tests and do research for college-level papers? Do you know what plagiarism really is and how to handle a grade dispute with a professor? Do you know about sources of help like the registrar, the writing center and the library? Find out everything you need to know about college academics here.

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Student Organizations and Activities

Interested in getting involved on campus but not sure which student clubs and organizations are for you? Explore your options here, from student government academic clubs to the school newspaper and college radio. Find out how you can get involved at your college or university.

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College Sports and Outdoor Recreation

Sports and college go together. Whether you're interested in participating in Division I team sports, club sports or intramurals - or simply want to learn which World Cup athletes went to your college, read on. Plus: Explore college sporting events, fans and a variety of outdoor recreation activities available to students.

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College Housing

Are you unsure about college dorms and how to get along with your first roommate? Or are you wondering what it's like to live in a sorority or fraternity house? Explore the details, from your freshman dorm checklist to graduate and married housing, as we cover the essentials of college housing.

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College Dating and Social Life

What's there to do at night at your college? Do college relationships exist anymore or is it all just a hookup culture? What about restaurants and road trips? From dating to drinking, social life on a college campus can be an adjustment for many students. Start your social education now.

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College Towns and Life Beyond Campus

Become a local expert before you set foot on campus with this essential list of things to do outside your college or university. Explore museums, restaurants, internships and other great things to do when you leave campus. Plus: Our guide to 40 of the country's best college towns. See if your town makes the list.

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