Online and In-Person Micro MBA

Are you considering micro MBA programs, online or in-person? Review the courses, costs, and careers associated with this unique type of program today. Explore ways you may benefit from the skills and knowledge of one of these programs as you compare it with a traditional MBA using this Campus Explorer guide.

What Are Micro MBA Programs Online and In-Person?

A micro MBA program is an affordable, self-paced solution to receive advanced training in business or technology. A micro MBA focuses on many of the same skills and areas of knowledge as a traditional Master of Business Administration degree, but in a more compact framework.

A micro program doesn’t offer the same degree as a traditional alternative. While you may gain many of the critical skills you need to succeed in business, you won’t receive a MBA or other degree. Non-degree holders may be ineligible to apply for some positions.

If you already have a degree in business or a related field, the key skills you learn can be a great step in your career. Micro MBA programs are popular for mid-career professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs.

Explore similar areas of study in a micro program. Here are some common courses that may be included in a micro MBA:

  • Corporate finance
  • Operations management
  • Business analytics
  • Accounting for decision-making
  • People management
  • Power and leadership
  • Marketing
  • Innovation

Courses typically take between seven weeks and 10 months, depending on the provider. Compare self-paced and scheduled courses to find one that fits your learning style and available time. Most micro MBA courses are offered exclusively online, but you can find courses at colleges and universities.

A micro MBA doesn’t confer a degree, but some are offered by accredited educational institutions. Others are offered by educational providers and come with endorsements and partnerships with leading businesses. Consider a different program if you need to receive a degree before applying to a job, but consider this type of program if you’re a mid-career professional looking to advance in your career.

How Much Do Micro MBA Programs Cost?

Costs are highly variable depending on the program. Some cost as little as $300, while others cost up to $6,000. Factors include length of time, institution, and number of courses in the micro MBA program. This includes both on-campus and online programs, though online programs tend to cost less.

Average Salary for a Micro MBA Program

Many professionals who earn a micro MBA go on to work in competitive, highly paid careers. Unfortunately, the program itself isn’t enough to help you apply for one of these positions. Combine a micro MBA with a bachelor’s degree in a related field and up to five years of experience for a competitive application in one of the following business careers.

Administrative services and facilities managers earned a median pay of approximately $98,900 in 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS. The BLS also found that architectural and engineering managers earned a median salary of about $149,500.

A career in financial management is a competitive one that had a median annual salary of $134,200 in 2020. You may be eligible for a salary similar to $115,600, the approximate median pay for training and development managers.

There are many other careers where you may benefit from a micro MBA. While this certificate may not automatically qualify you for a raise or a new position, the demonstrable skills can help you succeed in your chosen career pathway.

What Is the Job Outlook for Micro MBA Holders?

Employment of all management occupations is expected to grow 5% between the years 2019 and 2029, according to BLS. A few careers can expect higher-than-average growth. Financial manager jobs are expected to grow 15% in the same period. This level of growth translates to approximately 108,100 more financial management jobs in the United States in 2029 compared to 2019.

Courses in Micro MBA Programs

Courses in micro MBA programs focus on operations management, finance, entrepreneurship, and other areas similar to a traditional MBA program. Micro programs typically offer a more flexible, skills-based approach than a traditionally structured degree program.

Practice your skills in key business areas or expand your knowledge base with Micro MBA courses. Here are some common ones associated with this program:

  • Business analytics
  • Strategic management
  • Corporate finance
  • Accounting for decision-making
  • Marketing
  • People management
  • Innovation
  • Power and leadership

Some programs allow you to tailor the curriculum to your current profession or career goals. Others have a set list of short courses that all certificate holders must complete. Like other microdegrees and nanodegrees, you typically must demonstrate your abilities rather than simply attending lectures.

FAQs on Micro MBA Programs Online and In-Person

What Jobs Require a Micro MBA?

You may not be eligible for any new positions as a result of a micro MBA alone. The goals of these types of programs are to improve your skills and strengthen your application.

Does a Micro MBA Offer Good Job Prospects?

Management careers usually require at least a bachelor’s degree and work experience, but a micro MBA can be a helpful addition as you pursue these high-paying, stable-growth positions.

What Are the Different Fields of Micro MBA Programs?

Most micro MBA programs offer a general overview of key management, finance, and entrepreneurial skills. Others focus on one of these areas or on business leadership, digital leadership, or other areas of specialty.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Micro MBA?

Expect to take between seven weeks and 10 months to complete your micro MBA program. Some programs offer self-paced study.

What Does a Micro MBA Program Curriculum Typically Include?

Courses highlight key skills and principles that can help you succeed, including leadership, finance, people management, strategic management, and marketing.

Summary Information

  • Programs typically take between seven weeks and 10 months to complete.
  • Standard and self-paced programs available.
  • Micro MBA program can be completed fully online.

  • Offers opportunities in the stable-growth management industry.
  • Prepares mid-career professionals for management or entrepreneurial positions.
  • Can be completed in two months.
  • Explores and refreshes knowledge in management and finance areas.

  • Programs can cost as little as $300.
  • Costs are highly variable.
  • Online micro MBA programs typically cost less than in-person ones.

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