Online Bachelor's in Advanced Manufacturing Degree Programs

An online bachelor’s in advanced manufacturing can help you gain skills and technical knowledge in this in-demand career track. Explore the salary expectations, typical coursework, and career opportunities for advanced manufacturing degree holders. Use this Campus Explorer guide to find answers to common questions about programs in manufacturing.

What Is an Online Bachelor’s in Advanced Manufacturing?

A degree in advanced manufacturing focuses on the engineering and manufacturing topics that help design and operate the future of manufacturing technology. Study the supply chain, product development, material selection, quality control, and other features of the industry to help power the future of manufacturing.

As a student in one of these bachelor’s degree programs, the exact courses you’ll study vary depending on your school of choice. Here are some common topics you can expect as part of your degree program:

  • Product design
  • System design
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Engineering management
  • Robotics

There are many positions that use these skills in the workplace. Whether you’re operating equipment in a hands-on role or using your knowledge to design new systems, a career in manufacturing can be a rewarding choice. A bachelor’s degree can also help you move forward in your career if you’re already working in a related industry.

Some students go on to design consumer products. Others install and maintain the robotics and other equipment used to power the industry. Still other graduates use their knowledge to manage facilities and guide teams of engineers. Here are some of the most common careers for students of advanced manufacturing:

  • Industrial engineer
  • Manufacturing design engineer
  • Materials engineer

An online program can be a competitive and convenient way to work toward your bachelor’s degree. Online courses can be offered in accelerated tracks, part-time schedules, or self-paced learning environments. In an accelerated track, you can complete your program in as little as 36 months. A part-time schedule allows you to continue to work as you study, while a self-paced course allows you to earn your degree at your own pace.

How Much Does a Bachelor’s in Advanced Manufacturing Cost?

The total cost of a degree in advanced manufacturing varies considerably. Some key factors include cost per credit, additional fees, and available scholarships. Expect to pay between $38,500 and $60,600 for an online bachelor’s degree, according to U.S. News. Some offer even more affordable rates for online in-state tuition, so you may be able to earn your degree for less than $21,000.

Average Salary for a Bachelor’s in Advanced Manufacturing

With an online bachelor’s in advanced manufacturing, you can improve your application for a competitive career in the industry. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, industrial engineers earned a median annual pay of around $89,000 in 2020. Materials engineers earned around $95,600 median annual pay in 2020.

Most engineering positions in the manufacturing industry require a bachelor’s degree. Another career you may be qualified for with an advanced manufacturing degree is a computer hardware engineer, with a median pay in 2020 of $119,600.

On-the-job training and work experience isn’t typically required for these positions, but some companies may only seek experienced engineers. The specific courses you take in your online degree program can affect the strength of your application. Consider focusing on a particular aspect of manufacturing or learn a broad range of applicable skills for flexible career options.

Engineers work in varied environments to complete their essential tasks. From federal government offices to transportation equipment manufacturing facilities, there are many environments where a BA in advanced manufacturing can help you perform essential duties.

What Is the Job Outlook for Bachelor’s in Advanced Manufacturing Holders?

Some related industries are expected to grow significantly, while others are expected to grow at a much slower level. The number of industrial engineers, for example, is expected to grow by 10% between 2019 and 2029, according to BLS. Materials engineers are only expected to grow by 2%.

Courses in Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing covers a range of disciplines to prepare students for careers in various industries. Expect to take courses in mathematics, business, computer science, and management.

Specific courses include robotics, manufacturing processes, system and product design, quality assurance, and engineering management. An online bachelor’s in advanced manufacturing gives you some flexibility. Most bachelor’s programs cover general studies and courses in other fields.

Consider your career path as you compare courses in a degree program. If you’re passionate about engineering management, look for time management, ethics, and finance courses to prepare to be a manager or business owner. Courses in design, production, and programming help prepare you to apply for a job as a computer hardware engineer.

As an online student, you have the opportunity to study at your choice of schools. Look for highly rated programs that fit your career goals, whether they’re across the nation or in your local area.

FAQs on Bachelor’s in Advanced Manufacturing

Summary Information

  • Popular concentrations include computer hardware engineering and industrial engineering
  • Program can be completed completely online
  • Standard and accelerated programs available
  • Programs typically take between 36-48 months to complete
  • Offers opportunities in the high-growth manufacturing industry
  • Provides essential training for careers in engineering and manufacturing management
  • Graduates with advanced manufacturing degrees are in high demand
  • Programs can cost as little as $21,000
  • Costs are highly variable from school to school
  • Scholarships, grants, and employer tuition reimbursement programs can reduce tuition costs
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