Online Bachelor's in Psychology Degree Programs

Consider one of the most popular majors for undergraduate study. A bachelor’s degree in psychology is a strong career option if you wish to become a psychologist, researcher, or counselor, but you can also use this training program to prepare for a number of other careers. Learn more about the coursework, salary expectations, and cost of an online bachelor’s degree in psychology with this Campus Explorer guide.


What Is an Online Bachelor’s in Psychology?

A bachelor’s degree in psychology can be completed partially or fully online. This flexible option allows you to complete a bachelor’s degree in less time, or more time, than the typical four years. It also allows you to enroll in a course at a school that’s in another state or region.

Study psychology to learn more about the fascinating field, apply for a job in the industry, or prepare for higher education. As a student, you can tailor your classes to fit your career goals or take a broad range of classes in many fields. Here are some common classes you can take as part of your bachelor’s degree:

  • Social psychology
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Abnormal psychology
  • Psychological assessment
  • Health psychology
  • Industrial-organizational psychology

If you wish to work as a psychologist in one of these fields, you typically need to receive a master’s degree in psychology or a related field. A bachelor’s degree, however, can qualify you for a career as a social worker, advertising agent, market researcher, or career counselor. Lawyers, writers, child care workers, and teachers can also benefit from the skills practiced and knowledge gained in a bachelor’s in psychology program.

Consider a career in this industry if you’re passionate about helping people. Psychologists and careers related to psychology often work closely with people. You must have critical thinking, interpersonal communication, analytical thinking, and ethical behavior to work successfully in this industry.

Some careers, such as child psychologists and abnormal psychologists, focus exclusively on a single group of patients. Others work with a broad range of community members to listen and communicate with empathy and emotional intelligence.

A bachelor’s degree lays the foundation for further education. Professors of psychology, counselors, and researchers all must complete graduate coursework. Whether you wish to apply for a master’s degree or Ph.D., a bachelor’s degree is a great place to start your educational journey.

How Much Does Bachelor’s in Psychology Cost?

An online bachelor’s degree program costs an average of $38,500 to $60,600, according to U.S. News. On-campus tuition rates are, on average, between $40,000 and $100,000.

The costs associated with on-campus degrees, like on-campus living, meal plans, textbooks, are part of what makes these degrees typically more expensive than online ones. Accelerated programs, scholarships, grants, and other financial aid opportunities help reduce the total cost of a bachelor’s in psychology program.

Online programs in psychology offer you the flexibility to gain real-world experience as you study. Whether you’re studying full time or part time, flexible classes allow you to schedule internships, volunteer opportunities or a job in a related field. Put your studies to work immediately by volunteering in schools, nursing homes, substance abuse centers, or other locations where you plan to use your psychology experience.

Enrolling in a bachelor’s degree in psychology as an online student also allows you to save money by learning from home. You don’t need to move across the country or be restricted to the universities in your local area. Enroll in the course you want from wherever you are.

Average Salary for a Bachelor’s in Psychology

Salary expectations for BA in psychology degree holders vary considerably. There are a wide range of careers this degree can qualify you to apply for and many more that you can pursue with a master’s degree.

If you wish to become a psychologist, the median annual pay in 2020 was around $83,100, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS. Becoming a social worker is another popular career pathway with a bachelor’s in psychology. This career had a median annual pay of $51,800 in 2020. Postsecondary teachers earned approximately $80,800 per year. All three of these career options typically require graduate-level education.

If you wish to start a career immediately after earning your bachelor’s degree, consider working as a social and community service manager. These professionals earned around $69,600 per year in 2020. Market research analysts earned approximately $65,800 per year in 2020.

There are many other possibilities for a successful student of psychology. From writer to CEO, psychology prepares you to work closely with people using empathy, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence.

What Is the Job Outlook for Bachelor’s in Psychology Holders?

Many of the careers associated with a bachelor’s in psychology are expected to grow from 2019 to 2029, according to BLS. The job outlook for psychologists is a 3% growth. The number of market research analysts is expected to grow 18%, which is considerably higher than the average for all occupations.

A high job growth is a great sign for the job outlook of a role in market research analysis or other related fields. While the number of psychologists across the nation isn’t expected to grow as fast as the national average, many other related positions can enjoy exponential growth.

Training for a high-growth job means you may be able to expect less competition and more competitive pay or benefits as you apply for a position. A greater number of jobs can mean you have more freedom in choosing where you wish to live or how you wish to use your bachelor’s degree.

Not only do these careers offer high levels of job growth, but most careers that utilize your psychology degree offer something important to your community. Give back to your entire community or the members who need the most support for a fulfilling career.

Courses in Psychology

As a student of psychology, you’ll dive into a wide range of scientific and social topics. Learn more about psychological disorders, positive psychology, organizational psychology, and other key areas of the field. Courses include both practical and theoretical principles.

Bachelor’s degree programs typically offer a broad range of subjects. You’ll also study statistics, history, science, and the humanities as part of a typical bachelor’s in psychology program. As an online student, you can communicate directly with your professor and other students to ask questions and share ideas.

Most programs offer electives to focus your studies. If you’re passionate about counseling and social work, take additional courses in these areas and prepare to apply for a master’s in social work or master’s in psychology program.

Other popular concentrations include organizational psychology, education, or a combination of personal and social psychology for market research careers.

Some of the most common courses that people studying psychology take include:

Social psychology
Cognitive psychology
Abnormal psychology
Psychological assessment
Health psychology
Industrial-organizational psychology

FAQs on Online Bachelor’s in Psychology

Core Takeaways for an Online Bachelors in Psychology

  • Popular concentrations include social psychology and clinical psychology
  • Programs typically take 36-48 months to complete
  • Psychology degree programs can be completed fully online
  • Standard and accelerated programs available
  • Programs prepare you for entry into master’s of psychology degree programs
  • Offers opportunities in the high-growth psychology and marketing industries
  • Provides essential training for market research analysts, social workers, and psychologists
  • Can be completed online in 36 months
  • Prepares students for a wide variety of careers in many industries
  • Psychology programs can cost as little as $38,500
  • Scholarships are available for partial or full tuition payment
  • Accelerated programs offered online can reduce the total cost of the program
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