Easy Resolutions for High School Students

Easy Resolutions for High School Students

It's time to make New Year's resolutions that will take your performance in high school up a notch.

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Use the new year as an excuse to start fresh and get your college prep on track.

Sure, high school is the time to let your hair down and enjoy your "last few years of being a kid." (Psst ... We have a secret: Even adults can act like kids.) But it's also the ideal time to prioritize your goals and decide what you would like your higher education and future career life to look like.

Here are some resolutions for 2013 that will help make those visions a reality with minimal work required –– promise.

1. Don't fall into the senior slump.

If you're high school senior about to embark on your last semester of classes, then we won't blame you for feeling the itch to graduate. But the truth is, now is not the time to flake on classes, assignments and extracurricular commitments. Even if you are accepted to the college of your choice, many admissions departments have been known to rescind their acceptance letters because of a student who let his or her GPA take a nose dive.

Make it a goal to stay caught up on your class work, and be a team player in sports and clubs. Then, go ahead and enjoy the summer with your friends –– worry-free.

2. Take your college planning up a notch.

If you are a junior, then it's high time to organize your goals for college. Believe it or not, those deadlines for applications will be coming up quickly, and you'll be better prepared to tackle them if you have a game plan.

Make it a goal to take the PSAT and discover where you might need to improve when you take the actual SAT. It won't hurt to also begin researching scholarships –– every little bit counts.

3. Take up a new activity or join a club.

Academics aren't everyone's strong suit –– we get it. But decent grades paired with an evident involvement in extracurricular activities will make any high school student a worthy candidate for a spot at their college of choice. Plus, sports and clubs, like student government or the newspaper staff, are a great way to meet new people.

If you haven't already, then make it goal to research activities that may be of interest to you and get involved.

4. Show some gratitude.

While there are certainly some teachers you are looking oh-so-forward to bidding adieu, there are always a few educators who stand out in any student's mind. Whether she's the one who made you fall in love with literature, or the man who pushed you to go the extra mile in chemistry, make it a goal to show these teachers you appreciate them.

And, hey, having a teacher on your side won't hurt when you are looking for advice about college applications or need a letter of recommendation.

5. Take some pre-college responsibility.

This one is especially important for high school seniors who are moving on to college or simply living on their own next year. Make it a goal to show your parents you can do the "big kid" thing by adhering to curfews, budgeting the money you make from your after school job and, yes, doing your laundry. This will help you –– and your parents –– feel more at ease about venturing out on your own.

Quick Tips

  • High school seniors should make 2013 the year for showing their readiness for college responsibility by keeping up with school work and other commitments.
  • Freshmen and sophomore students who are not yet involved with extracurriculars should make it a goal to research activities of interest.
  • Say "Thank you!" to teachers who have helped you to realize your higher education goals.

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