Where Comic Book Heroes Would Go to College

Superheroes tend to stand out, but at these eight colleges, they’d fit right in. Find out which of these super schools could work for you too.

By Leland Montgomery | February 17, 2017

The nightly news would certainly be more interesting if superheroes were real. We’d be regaled with stories of bravery and good will as heroes swooped in to save lives and stop crimes. Although we may also have an uptick of decimated cities ("Man of Steel"), anarchist revolutions ("The Dark Knight Rises") and alien invasions ("The Avengers") from some super villains, too. Yet we can't help but wonder if a college education would add to these comic book heroes' skill sets.

In addition to their nightly escapades, most of these guardians of justice are also gainfully employed. Whether they're aspiring journalists or powerful business moguls, Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne and the rest would have had to get a college education. Here are some extraordinary colleges where we think these crime fighters (and good citizens such as yourself) would get a solid education... you know, before saving the world.

Here’s where we think these heroes would choose to study before saving the world.

Captain America: The United States Military Academy (West Point)

Why He’d Enroll: If Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, hadn’t spent the majority of the 20th century as a cryogenically-frozen popsicle, he would have most likely attended the United States Military Academy at West Point. There, Mr. Rogers would have gained tactical military expertise, leadership skills and other battle strategies.
Why You Should Enroll: West Point is a good choice for students who may have difficulty finding money for college. The government pays for room, board and tuition. In return, cadets have to serve in the navy for two to five years. We doubt this would have bothered Steve Rogers; he was a commissioned officer since WWII!

Captain America’s shield is made from an indestructible metal called adamantium-vibranium alloy. Don't go digging around in the dirt looking for it though -- it's totally fictional.

Luke Cage: Southern Methodist University (SMU)

Why He’d Enroll: Luke Cage, of “Luke Cage, Hero for Hire,” is above all else, an entrepreneur. Despite growing up in Harlem, Mr. Cage would take his entrepreneurial spirit southward, to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Leveraging his super strength and bulletproof skin, Cage would found "Heroes for Hire" on the side, a business-minded super hero organization. Luke isn’t the first small business owner to graduate from Southern Methodist University, though; the yogurt moguls of “I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt!” Bill and Julie Ann Brice also graduated from SMU.
Why You Should Enroll: If you’re looking to get into politics or business, Southern Methodist University may be the place to turn your dreams into a reality; 12 legislators and seven U.S. ambassadors have graduated from SMU. The school is home to the George W. Bush Presidential Library, designed by former First Lady and SMU alum, Laura Bush. SMU was voted the 15th most conservative school in the United States.

Did you know Iron Man sold the Avengers mansion to Luke Cage for $1? Talk about a good deal on real estate!

Wonder Woman: University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC)

Why She’d Enroll: Diana Prince (sometimes known as Wonder Woman) hails from a distant island populated exclusively by women. We figure UCSC’s popular feminism studies program would suit her just fine. Can’t you just picture her feverishly dissecting patriarchy and criticizing male privilege? Given her passion for justice, equality, love and peace, she'd surely fit in at UCSC.
Why You Should Enroll: University of California, Santa Cruz sits on a cliff, overlooking the ocean, surrounded by a forest. If you’re interested in biology, ecology or environmental science, look no further than UC Santa Cruz. UCSC is broken into residential colleges, so students have all the benefits of a large university while maintaining the community of a small liberal arts college. The university also has a history of progressive policies – until the year 2000, UCSC students were graded with either a “pass” or a “no record” instead of letter grades.

Wonder Woman comes from the magical island of Themyscira where she's an Amazonian princess and guardian of Doom's Doorway.

Superman: Northwestern University

Why He’d Enroll: Given his Midwestern background and Metropolis’s striking resemblance to the Windy City, we think that Superman would stay close to his corn-fed roots and study journalism at Northwestern University. Not only would he be a few hours’ drive (or a 10-minute flight) from his parent’s farm, he would also be enrolled at world-class institution where he would gain the reporting skills necessary to land a job at the Daily Planet.
Why You Should Enroll: Northwestern was founded in 1850 and has since evolved into a world class private research university. NWU is frequently recognized as one of the top universities in the midwest. The campus is divided into two campuses, one in Chicago and a larger campus in Evanston, a suburb just outside the city.

Superman gets his power from exposure to Earth’s sun... so that means he likes tanning a lot, right?

Green Lantern: The University of Detroit Mercy (UDM)

Why He’d Enroll: Before John Stewart joined the marines or became Green Lantern, he was an architect from Detroit. Therefore, it makes sense that he would have attended the University of Detroit Mercy, School of Architecture. In addition to studying line and form, he would have also developed his creativity and problem solving skills – which are good traits to have when you’re trying to figure out how to save the world.
Why You Should Enroll: The University of Detroit Mercy was founded by Jesuits and since then, the university has become the largest catholic institution in Michigan and one of the best Catholic schools in the country. Though the school is dedicated to providing a community for Catholics to practice their faith while pursuing an education, the university is also home to an active Greek system and an NCAA Division I sports program. There are many options for students who can fulfill their spiritual needs and have fun.

The Green Lantern Corps is an intergalactic police force with members from around the universe. There have only been five human green lanterns.

Captain Marvel: The United States Air Force Academy (Air Force)

Why She’d Enroll: Long before the accident that fused Carol Danver’s DNA with the DNA of an alien, Captain Marvel would have attended the United States Naval Academy. Carol’s childhood dream was to become a pilot, so of course she would enroll in the one place where she could practice her craft.
Why You Should Enroll: The United States Air Force Academy, like most other military training academies, is free. The college admissions experience is a lot less stressful when you don’t have to worry about student loans, scholarship deadlines and student debt. However, graduating cadets are expected to become commissioned officers in the air force. Some view this obligation as just another benefit: upon graduation, you’re guaranteed to have a job. That’s more than most other college graduates can expect.

Before Carol Danvers called herself Captain Marvel, she was known by a number of other names including Ms. Marvel, Binary and Warbird.

Batman: Georgetown University (GU)

Why He’d Enroll: Bruce Wayne’s status as a bona fide billionaire means he would fit in quite nicely at Georgetown University, a school that’s known for its wealthy student population and Gothic architecture. We bet the Batmobile probably wouldn’t even turn heads in the student parking lot. Given his lifestyle, Bruce would study business and pre-law; in addition to being a masked vigilante, Wayne also has a business to run!
Why You Should Enroll: If you’re interested in law or political science, you should consider Georgetown University. Founded in 1789, this private, Catholic university is one of the oldest schools in the country. The proximity of the school to D.C. makes it the perfect place for aspiring politicians to hone their skills. In the last hundred years, 12 heads of state have graduated from Georgetown University.

After Batman's back was broken by Bane, Wayne's protégé Dick Grayson (AKA Robin) temporarily becomes Batman. Those are some big shoes -- er -- wings -- to fill.

Iron Man: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Why He’d Enroll: Tony Stark (boy billionaire and child prodigy) would, without a doubt, attend MIT. It’s likely he would go on to graduate with PhD’s in physics and electrical engineering as well. He is, after all, the genius who invented a non-weaponizable electromagnetic renewable consumer grade power source for the city of tomorrow. That’s got to count for at least some extra credit points.
Why You Should Enroll: Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the best universities of engineering, physics, mathematics, rocket science… you get the point. The college is located in Cambridge near another prestigious college: Harvard University. Twenty-four MIT alumni have won the Nobel Prize and one-third of all U.S. manned spacecraft have had an MIT educated astronaut onboard.

Tony Stark is able to control the Iron Man suit with only his mind.

We’d be glad to go to college with any of these superheroes under one condition: they’d have to solemnly swear never to drop a group project because their brother stole an Infinity Stone or their father’s arch enemy just arrived from Krypton. We get it, you have to save the world, but exercise some time management!

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