5 Unique Psychology Scholarships

Students studying psychology have a ton of scholarships available to them, but these are the most unique.

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The American School Health Association's Scholarship was created to encourage psychology majors to enter school health careers.

Every student knows that earning a psychology degree is costly. With tuition increases each year, scholarships are important. But finding a way to cut tuition costs can be as challenging as choosing a college.

There are a lot of awards designed specifically for psychology students. Whether you’re interested in lab research or a member of the psychology honor society, countless scholarships exist. Below, you’ll find five great scholarships unique to the field of psychology – with prizes up to $18,000.

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1. APA Undergraduate Scholarship Program

The American Psychological Association, as the biggest organization for psychologists in North America, offers a number of scholarships for students. Its college scholarship program was originally created to help minority and disabled students. Now, the APA hands out nearly 100 different awards and grants.

All undergraduate psychology majors can apply, whether they’re a high school senior or a second-semester college junior. Students can win up to $18,000 towards their tuition – an amount that’s renewable as long as they maintain a 3.0 – as well as a salaried position with the APA over summer breaks.

Amount: Up to $18,000

Eligibility Requirements: All undergraduate psychology majors

Application deadline: Varies

2. Allyn & Bacon Award

Offered by Psi Chi, the psychology honorary, the Allyn & Bacon Award is open to all undergraduate psychology majors. The award recognizes outstanding undergraduate research papers that have yet to be published.

The application process is simple: applicants submit any research paper they’ve written over the course of their psychology education. There are no topic restrictions or research requirements; any paper can win. Submissions must conform to APA citation style.

Amount: First place $1,000, second place $650, third place $350

Eligibility Requirements: Undergraduate psychology majors who are Psi Chi members

Application deadline: May 1

3. American School Health Association Scholarship

School psychologists might not be common everywhere, but the American School Health Association aims to change that. The American School Health Association's Scholarship was created to encourage psychology majors to enter school health careers.

Three students win each year, and winners receive a one-year ASHA membership and free admission to the organization’s annual school health conference. Student research grants are also offered.

Amount: $1,000 toward tuition

Eligibility Requirements: Any psychology student who wishes to work in healthcare

Application deadline: April 5

4. Gallagher Koster Health Careers Scholarship Program

If you’re a student who can prove financial need, the Gallagher Koster Scholarship can help fund your degree. The program offers financial assistance for outstanding psychology students interested in a healthcare career. Upcoming college juniors and seniors can apply for a two-year renewable award if they exhibit dedication to healthcare (including psychology), academic excellence, and a dedication to community service.

Students don’t need to be enrolled in a four-year program to win. Both associate’s candidates and vocational students can apply. The number of scholarships offered changes each year, as do the award amounts. As more students apply, the organization increases its assistance.

Amount: Varies

Eligibility Requirements: Upcoming college juniors and seniors enrolled in any kind of school program can apply for a two-year renewable award

Application deadline: Varies

5. Guilford Award

Similar to the Allyn & Bacon Award, Psi Chi’s Guilford Award recognizes an unpublished undergraduate psychology paper. Any research paper qualifies, as long as it hasn’t been submitted to an academic journal. Applicants can even submit the same paper to both the Guilford and Allyn & Bacon Awards.

Amount: $1,000 for first place, $650 for second, and $350 for third

Eligibility Requirements: Any psychology student with a GPA of at least 3.0 who also qualifies for Psi Chi membership

Application deadline: May 1

Quick Tips

  • Ask a faculty member within your school’s psychology department to look over your scholarship applications. They’ll be able to catch any APA formatting errors and give valuable advice on how your application might stack up.
  • Be sure to use original, unpublished essays no matter what the rules state. Originality stands out – and your application will be even more convincing if you crafted a new essay just for the contest.
  • Some scholarships require letters of recommendation. Ask a psychology professor who knows you well to write yours – they’ll know your strengths best.

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