High School Freshman

College may seem a long way off, but it's never too early to begin long-term financial planning. Start talking to your parents about scholarships, loans, and summer jobs.

As you begin your school search, learn about what life's like as a college student, including the basics of college classes and student organizations.

College Planning for High School Freshmen

Planning for College: Freshman Year

From standardized tests to college applications, you need to stay informed of the latest developments in college prep as you proceed through high school. Get tips and checklists for each grade level which will help you know exactly what you need to accomplish every step of the way. Explore ways to find out which colleges are for you and techniques to narrow your college search. Learn exactly what colleges are looking for on applications and how you can build a schedule of classes and extracurricular activities that will ensure you get admitted.

How to Pay for College: Freshman Year

Find out exactly how much college can cost and what you can do now as a freshman to prepare for those expenses. Refocus your study habits to build the credentials necessary for grant and scholarship applications. Begin researching financial aid and how you can take advantage of student loans to pay for the college of your choice. Use the summer to earn a little extra money for your college fund.

College Life

It's never too early to explore college campuses. Take some time during your freshman year of high school to get yourself to campus and get a feeling for the typical layout of public and private institutions. Think about what types of extracurricular activities or student organizations you might be interested in, then see if those same organizations are available at your high school.

Career Planning for Freshmen

Begin your career search and find out how you can align your education with your career goals. Don't hesitate to talk to your parents and your school counselor about your strengths and weaknesses and what sorts of majors and careers might be right for you. Use volunteering opportunities to fulfill high school requirements, help your community, and assist you in exploring career fields.