College Plan Timeline:

High School Sophomore

Make sure you have a schedule of classes and academics that are college-focused. Prepare for standardized tests like the PSAT and find ways to manage stress and manage your time.

Learn more about how much college actually costs. Start strategizing with your parents about how to pay for college through financial aid, scholarships and grants, and student loans.

Explore typical college life, everything from academics, to sports to socializing. Plan a couple college visits if you're ready.

Tools and Other Resources

College Planning for High School Sophomores

Planning for College: Sophomore Year

Start your sophomore year off with a bang by trouncing the PSAT or PLAN to help prepare for the SAT and ACT. Get organized by creating your college deadline calendar and keeping track of all the crucial upcoming dates. Familiarize yourself with the college admissions process by attending college fairs and start thinking about what you're looking for in a college so you can formulate your personal college criteria.

How to Pay for College: Sophomore Year

Whether you like it or not, your parents are going to have a big say in how you pay for college. While you're a sophomore in high school, talk with your parents about your education goals and your family's financial resources. Don't forget to include college scholarships and grants into the equation. As summer rolls around, ask your friends and family how you can secure a summer job that can help build your credentials and earn money for college.

College Life

Spend some time as a sophomore visiting college campuses and getting a feel for which types of schools feel right to you. Explore college classes and learn what it takes to succeed in a post-secondary classroom. Take your high school extracurricular activities to the next level and while you're at it, see how these activities can carry over to college.

Career Planning for Sophomores

With the help of your high school guidance counselor, ensure your sophomore classes align with your college and career goals. In your free time, whether it's during the summer or over winter break, get a part-time job or two and experience different types of jobs firsthand. Continue learning about in-demand careers and hot job fields.