Utica College - Online School

About Utica College - Online School

Utica College online offers degrees in both cutting edge and high-demand fields and provides a wealth of resources to help students succeed.

Utica College’s online academics primarily consist of graduate degrees in fields related to criminal justice and crime investigation. Students have the option of choosing such innovative majors within these fields as:

  • Cybersecurity Intelligence and Forensics
  • Economic Crime Management
  • Fraud Management

Utica College online awards select bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in healthcare professions like:

  • Health Care Management
  • Nursing
  • Physical Therapy

Utica College online also offers professional certifications, including one in Gerontology and one in Financial Crimes Investigation.

Utica College online provides students with a number of online resources, as well, so that they may stay current with developments in their industry. Examples of these resources include links to databases and websites concerning different types of fraud and special investigations.

Since all learning and interaction takes place via computer, students may attend regardless of where they live. Students also work at their own pace and on their own time, which means that even those with full-time jobs or other responsibilities may still earn their degree through Utica College online.

Applicants must submit an admissions application online. They will also need to send in transcripts from all schools attended. Those who have an equivalency will need to submit a copy of their GED report.

Utica College online participates in standard federal financial aid programs, providing loans and grants to eligible students.

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