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2022 Guide to Online AACSB-Accredited Master’s in Accounting Programs

Getting a master’s degree in accounting has many potential benefits related to job security, compensation, and career growth. Keep in mind that getting a master’s degree is not easy: it involves a serious commitment. As such, you should choose a program that will maximize the investment of time, energy, and money you will put into it.

If you are looking to earn an online master’s degree in accounting and want to find a reputable program, AACSB accreditation is something you should consider. AACSB-accreditation ensures that the program meets certain academic standards. 

What Is AACSB?

AACSB stands for the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. It is a voluntary organization that seeks to improve business programs in colleges worldwide. As part of that mission, AACSB offers accreditation for business programs. The process is voluntary and comes with a formal review of a school’s mission, faculty, curriculum, and ability to prepare students for the real world. 

This process can confer legitimacy, as it ensures that the school meets standards related to six principles:

  1. Commitment to advancing high-quality business programs
  2. Desire and ability to connect students to businesses that are looking to hire
  3. A relevant and timely curriculum and availability of learning materials
  4. A focus on more than just self-enrichment and a desire to improve society
  5. High-quality faculty, courses, and programs
  6. An ability to continuously improve its services and programming

What Is an AACSB-Accredited Online Master’s in Accounting Program?

An AACSB-accredited online master’s in accounting degree program allows an individual to get an online master through many programs and delivery mechanisms. Such programs offer an array of courses that allow individuals to earn their master’s degree and prepare for various professional roles. 

To gain AACSB accreditation, the program must align with AACSB requirements related to curriculum, faculty, mission, and general quality. These requirements apply to traditional and online programs. 

What Are the Benefits of an Online AACSB Master’s in Accounting Program?

Earning a master’s degree in accounting from an AACSB-accredited business school or program has many advantages. For many students, an online program offers additional benefits.


Perhaps there is no more significant benefit of an online master’s in accounting program than the flexibility that comes with it. These programs are often delivered in ways that make it easier for an individual who has a busy schedule, is working, or is trying to raise a family. For example, they may come with asynchronous learning options, meaning you can learn at a time and place of your choosing. Additionally, they may offer live classes at night or over the weekend, allowing a person to continue working while attending school. 

Learn at Your Own Pace

As noted above, an online master’s in accounting program offers flexibility. This flexibility means that you can learn at a pace that suits your needs. Some programs enable someone to earn their master’s degree in a year; others require a much longer time commitment. These programs typically do not come with a rigid, set schedule. Instead, they allow individuals to take courses at a pace that suits their needs. Students will still have to follow a set curriculum; they will just have the ability to do so at their own pace. 

Educational Excellence

The AACSB accreditation process for online master’s in accounting degree programs requires schools to meet specific educational criteria. These high standards involve specific educational curriculum, teaching effectiveness, connection to the real world, and more. It follows that AACSB-accredited online master’s in accounting degree programs provide individuals with access to high-quality education that meets the same academic and educational standards as an in-person class. 

Range of Classes

A quick examination of any number of online master’s in accounting degree programs reveals impressive breadth and depth of class options, allowing individuals to get high-quality education in any range of subjects. Prospective students should be prepared for foundational studies in such areas as accounting, financial reporting, and auditing. More specialized areas of study including forensic accounting and tax preparation are also typically part of the curriculum.

Program Options

  • Fully online programs are available
  • Programs typically take two years, but accelerated programs can be completed in a year
  • Some programs have partnerships with other universities


  • Degree programs help prepare students forCPA certification.
  • Accounting and auditing jobs are projected to grow over the next decade
  • Advanced accounting degrees can help professionals improve their earning potential


  • For some students, online programs offer potential cost savings related to transportation and housing 
  • Tuition for online master’s in accounting programs vary widely
  • The flexibility of online programs allows some students to work while they earn their degree
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