Online ACEN Accredited Degree Programs

When looking for a nursing program or school, it’s important to make sure the program you choose has earned the proper accreditation. Understanding accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) – and more specifically, ACEN-accredited online nursing programs – is an important step toward gaining a flexible nursing education from an accredited institution.


What are ACEN-Accredited Online Nursing Programs?

In today’s digital-first world, many students are turning to – and relying on – online education. The good news is that there are several online ACEN-accredited nursing programs to choose from as well as in-person options.

Most ACEN online nursing programs take two years to finish and give students the luxury of completing the course material at their own pace. This gives them the freedom to continue working, caring for their children, and attending to all other responsibilities while getting their nursing degree. For these reasons, some people with full plates may take longer than two years to complete their online ACEN nursing program.

What is ACEN Accreditation?

ACEN provides specialized accreditation established by The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing for nursing programs, such as:

  • Practical nursing programs
  • Diploma programs
  • Associate programs
  • Master’s programs
  • Postmaster’s certificate programs
  • Clinical doctorate programs

This accreditation shows that the programs are willing to take the extra steps necessary to maintain the highest level of commitment to educational excellence for their students, faculty, and staff.

The Purpose of ACEN Accreditation Nursing Programs

ACEN accreditation plays several key roles, including ensuring a uniform nursing education around the country. Imagine the headache that would be caused if a registered nurse in each state was taught entirely different curricula and nursing techniques. Accreditation is essential to ensuring that does not happen and that patients can receive the same quality of care no matter where they are.

ACEN standards aim to bring quality and consistency to nursing education across America in two main ways:

  1. Protect nursing students by ensuring their nursing degrees have a meaningful impact on their future.
  2. Help nursing schools highlight their quality and commitment to maintaining excellence in education. This helps them attract prospective students who are looking for programs that will result in the best career options and benefits.

The ACEN Accreditation Process

The first step to becoming an ACEN-certified nursing school is to apply. There is a two-year window from the time of application that programs have to obtain accreditation.

Once the application has been received, ACEN will schedule a site visit. This site visit is important so ACEN evaluators can make sure the school and/or program meets the organization’s standards before it can move from candidacy to accreditation. Even after accreditation is granted, schools should be prepared for occasional site visits to continue to ensure ACEN standards are being upheld.

During these site visits, evaluators meet with the following groups:

  • The nursing school’s faculty members and staff
  • The nursing school’s administrators
  • Nursing students
  • Members of the public

They will also tour the school’s campus and classrooms and examine the school’s curriculum for three main attributes:

  1. Quality
  2. Relevance
  3. Completeness

The evaluators may also review student, faculty, and graduate records. Once they have reviewed all necessary information, they will meet to discuss what they’ve learned and come to a decision on whether to accept or reject ACEN accreditation for the school in question.

Schools do have the right to withdraw their accreditation anytime they please.

When nursing schools apply for ACEN candidacy, they are required to submit:

  • A list of qualifications for their faculty.
  • Information about their program’s curriculum.
  • Information on how the program is delivered.
  • An evaluation plan.
  • A program catalog.

Nursing schools receive ACEN accreditation based on their ability to meet ACEN standards. To keep their accreditation, schools must continue meeting or exceeding the standards.

The recently released 2023 ACEN standards and criteria requirements include standards for the following areas:

  1. Administrative Capacity and Resources: The mission of the ACEN-accredited nursing program should reflect the governing body’s mission, goals, and values.
  2. Faculty: ACEN-accredited faculty should be educationally and experientially qualified in their assigned roles and responsibilities and be regularly evaluated to ensure the achievement of program outcomes.
  3. Students: Policies and services for students must support the achievement of student learning and program outcomes.
  4. Curriculum: The curriculum must support the achievement of student learning outcomes and remain consistent with safe practices in contemporary healthcare.
  5. Outcomes: Assessments of the nursing program demonstrate the extent of student learning at the end of the program. The faculty must create a written systematic plan for evaluation (SPE) for each nursing program to measure achievement.

What Kind of Classes Do Accredited Online ACEN Nursing Programs Offer?

ACEN-accredited online nursing programs offer the same type of classes as in-person ACEN nursing programs.

Accredited Online ACEN Nursing Programs are commonly geared toward people who have already completed some type of medical degree and who are looking to advance their careers. For this reason, many of these programs require students to already have their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). This allows them to receive an online degree because they already have experience and education in bedside nursing and other in-person elements of nursing that can’t be taught strictly online.

Some examples of classes taught in online ACEN-accredited programs include:

  • Pharmacology
  • Pathophysiology
  • Healthcare ethics
  • Nursing management
  • Adult care nursing
  • Trends in nursing
  • Microbiology
  • Child development
  • Specialty courses such as anesthesiology and cardiology

Beyond the Curriculum in Online ACEN-Accredited Nursing Programs

With an online ACEN program, the majority, if not all, of the curriculum is online. Students watch pre-recorded or live video lessons and submit all coursework, including exams, online.

But, as we mentioned, nursing is a hands-on profession, which means you cannot count on getting a nursing degree solely online. Most ACEN-accredited programs will require a certain number of in-person hours in a clinical setting to give students the chance to practice their nursing skills in real life.

What are the Benefits of an ACEN-Accredited Nursing Program?

Some of the most significant benefits of ACEN-accredited nursing programs include:

  • Receive a distinguished degree that sets you apart from other programs without accreditation.
  • Gives you useful information for decision-making in your education and career.
  • ACEN accreditation is required for admission to many undergraduate and graduate nursing programs around the nation.
  • Greater ability to transfer to out-of-state nursing programs that are also ACEN-accredited.
  • Graduate with a nationally recognized achievement that employers often seek out when hiring nurses.
  • You’ll be prepared for more potential job opportunities. You won’t even be able to take the NCLEX test in most states if you do not graduate from an accredited nursing school. So, graduating from an ACEN-accredited nursing program ensures you won’t run into any delays and can get your nursing career started ASAP.


ACEN-accredited nursing programs let you complete your degree at a school that maintains educational excellence. You could graduate with a degree that gives you a competitive advantage in your career and increase your chances of landing a high-paying and rewarding job.

We hope the above information has given you a detailed overview of ACEN-accredited programs and answered your questions about this process. If you have any more questions about ACEN accreditation or finding ACEN-accredited online nursing programs near you, Campus Explorer has all the resources you need, including career guides and college profiles.

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