Anaheim, CA

Disney land at sunset in Anahiem, CA.

You can’t start any article about the perks of Anaheim without mentioning Disneyland, the city’s (and arguably the country’s) most famous attraction. For some college students, the allure of having one of the thousands of summer jobs with Mickey and Minnie certainly adds to the allure of this Southern California city of ~350,000 just south of Los Angeles. 

Here’s a look at some of the colleges in the Anaheim, CA area. 

Universities in Anaheim – 4-Year Colleges and Online

Anaheim’s four-year college options offer those who want to go to school in the area many different college cultures, so be sure to look into Anaheim neighborhoods if campus life is something particularly important to you. Here are the four-year colleges and universities in Anaheim, CA, as well as graduate study options:

  • West Coast University – Orange County
  • Southern California Institute of Technology
  • South Baylo University (graduate)
  • Platt College-Anaheim
  • California University of Management and Sciences
  • Bethesda University

Community Colleges in Anaheim 

There are also several options for certificates and associate’s degrees in Anaheim, in addition to the North Orange County Community Colleges (some of which also offer bachelor’s degrees).

Some specialized colleges in Anaheim:

  • American Career College
  • Brownson Technical School
  • California Career School
  • Coba Academy (cosmetology)
  • North-West College
  • United Education Institute – Anaheim

Get to Know Anaheim 

California sign in front of disney in Anahiem, CA

Most people from outside of the region can’t really tell you where Los Angeles ends and Anaheim begins, and with that in mind, a lot of the entertainment is based around just that: the entertainment industry. Hollywood isn’t too far, and the live music scene is thriving. Anaheim also boasts professional sports teams and, of course, the tough-to-beat Southern California weather. 

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