Arlington, TX

Arlington city Texas skyline. Black cityscape isolated on white background

Arlington, TX is located right next to Dallas and is even home to the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium. General Motors produces a lot of its vehicles there, and manufacturing is a big part of the city’s culture. The city itself has a population of just under 400,000 people, and with Dallas’ 1.3 million next door, there’s always something to do for students at one of the many colleges in this Texas city. 

Universities in Arlington, TX – 4-Year Colleges and Online 

The University of Texas at Arlington is the second biggest UT campus behind Austin, and the area around UTA has a very college-town feel to it. The only other 4-year college within the Arlington city limits is Arlington Baptist University. Both also offer graduate degrees. 

The first Indian woman to go to space (who also lost her life in the 2003 Columbia space shuttle accident), Kalpana Chawla is an alum of UT-Arlington, as did current Texas Governor Gregg Abbott.

Community Colleges in Arlington, TX 

Certification programs and community colleges in Arlington are a bit more plentiful:

  • CCI Training Center
  • Cortiva Institute (massage and beauty)
  • Ogle School (hair, skin, nails)
  • Peloton College 
  • Platt College – Edge Tech Academy

Get to Know Arlington, Texas 

People from the back riding bikes and runnning at a park by a lake in Arlington, TX

Arlington has a lot of different areas, but around the UT campus, it is very much a college town feel. The city also is home to the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Wings, and Texas Rangers and a Six Flags park… and the International Bowling Museum!

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