Baton Rouge, LA

Aerial photo Downtown Baton Rouge Louisiana USA

Baton Rouge doesn’t get nearly the national recognition that New Orleans gets, but this 2nd-largest city in Louisiana is home to the largest college in the state and also some rapidly growing industries including tech, medicine, film, and industry. 

This capital city, similar to many other capital cities, has many options for higher education. 

Universities in Baton Rouge, LA – 4-Year Colleges and Online

Louisiana State University, more commonly “LSU,” is located in Baton Rouge, and a lot of the city’s entertainment centers around this school, the largest 4-year university in Louisiana. 

The city is also home to Southern University’s Main Campus. The Southern University system remains the only historically black college system in the United States. 

Those from Southern and LSU make up the majority of Baton Rouge’s 4-year college students, however, The Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University is also in the city. 

Community Colleges in Baton Rouge, LA

Community college options in Baton Rouge are headlined by the Baton Rouge Community College system, but several certification schools such as the Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute, The Baton Rouge School of Computers, and The Baton Rouge General Medical Center’s School of Nursing are available for those students seeking something that takes less time than a bachelor’s degree. 

Get to Know Baton Rouge 

Aerial image of Downtown Baton Rouge by the Mississippi River

Baton Rouge has a very eclectic culture which makes for some great food and a lot of entertainment options for students who like to learn outside of the classroom, too. It gets pretty hot in the summer, but during the typical school year, the weather is very inviting, especially to students who may be thinking about migrating from the north to attend school in Baton Rouge. Taking advantage of the weather is at the top of most students’ lists, with outdoor exploration and trips to the local Gulf beaches being commonplace for students in Louisiana.

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